Best places to stay outside Florence

Which are the best accommodation options just outside Florence?

Is Florence expensive to visit

How much should I budget to spend in a day in Florence?

What Is a Florentine Steak?

What Is a Florentine Steak? Where to Try Florentine Steak in Florence?

Short Day trips from Florence

Can you suggest destination which can be visited as day trip from Florence?

Gifts and souvenirs from Florence

What souvenirs to buy in Florence? Where to buy gifts and souvenirs in Florence?

How to visit the Duomo in Florence?

Any tips that will help us get the most of the visit to the Duomo and its rooftop?

Florence to Chianti by public transport

How to visit Chianti vineyards from Florence by public transport?

What to Pre-book in Florence?

In Florence, which are the attractions and activities that need to be booked in advance?

Where to buy uffizi gallery tickets

How to Book Tickets to The Uffizi Gallery? Do we need to book in advance?

How to visit Duomo with children?

Needed advice regarding visiting Florence Duomo with kids

Florence public transport

How to move around in Florence?

Shopping in Florence

What to shop and where to shop in Florence

How many days in Florence

How many days should one spend in Florence?

Negroni Bars in Florence

Which are The Best Negroni Bars in Florence?

Florence sightseeing bus

Should we book into Florence sightseeing bus?

Romantic Florence

How to plan a couple escape in the romantic city of Florence?

Brunelleschi's dome climbing

Any tips for climbing Brunelleschi's Dome? This is one of my most eagerly awaited activity in Florence!

Day trips from Florence by train

We are in Florence for 6 days and want to make the most out of it. We do not have access to a car. Which are the recommended day trips from Florence which can be reached by train

Trattorias in Florence

Can the local expert recommend the best trattorias in Florence?

Uffizi gallery advance tickets

Should we book advance tickets to Uffizi gallery?

Best area to stay in Florence

Which is the best area to stay in Florence for first time visitor?

Is Firenze card worth it

I am in Florence for 3 days. Is it worth paying for the Firenze Card ?

Where to eat near the Duomo

Any recommendations on where to eat near the Florence Duomo?

Florence from Livorno cruise port

How to reach Florence from Livorno cruise port?

Fun things to do in Florence

What to do in Florence that is not touristy. Please share some interesting and offbeat things to see and do in Florence

Chianti in one day

Help us plan a day trip to Chianti from Florence. How should we plan our one day in Chianti?

Best time to visit Florence

When is it the best time to visit Florence and Tuscany?

Bikes and Vespas in Florence

Where to rent bikes and Vespas in Florence?

Leather products in Florence

Where to buy leather products in Florence?

Florence as base for Tuscany

We plan to explore Tuscany by setting base at Florence. We do not have access to car, would Florence be a good base for exploring Tuscany?

Florence card museums

With Florence Card, which are the museums worth visiting?

Wine tour to Chianti

What is your suggestion - independent wine tour to Chianti or an organized tour?

Shopping like a local

I am a local. Keen to know where do locals shop in Florence?

Florence with children

Planning a trip to Florence as a family. Any tips on how to plan a trip to Florence with kids?

Places to visit in Chianti

Planning to visit Chianti wine region from Florence. Which are the best places to visit in Chianti?

Is three days too much in Florence?

We are planning to visit Italy in April. Currently, we have allocated 3 full days to Florence. In Florence, can we keep ourselves occupied for 3 days?

Day Trip to Cinque Terre

Can You Go on a Day Trip to Cinque Terre from Florence?

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