What areas to avoid in Rome?

Which are some of the areas we need to avoid while visiting Rome?

Best time of day to visit St Peter's Basilica

What is the best time of day to visit St Peter's Basilica?

How to best use Roma Pass

I am confused on Roma Pass. If I do buy one , any inside tips on how to get most of Roma Pass

Souvenir shopping in Venice

What to bring back from Venice? Which are the popular Venice souvenirs that I could buy at Venice?

Free things to do in Vatican City

What are some of the interesting yet free things to do in the Vatican?

Venice at night

What to do in Venice at Night? We are looking for some great offbeat ideas

Free things to do in Venice at night

What to do in Venice in the evening or night and for free?

Tips for visiting the Vatican

Can local expert share tips to help us plan our visit to the Vatican?

Shopping in Florence

What to shop and where to shop in Florence

Catacombs of Rome

How many catacombs exist in Rome? Which are the popular ones that we can visit?

Accommodation in a convent or monastery

How to book an accommodation in a convent or in a monastery?

When to Visit Vatican City?

When is the best time to visit Vatican City?

Nightclubs in Rome

Which are the best places to party in Rome? Looking forward to names of nightclub and party areas

Venice Unica city pass

I will be in Venice for 3 days. Should I buy Unica city pass? Where do I buy them?

Must try dishes and drinks in Venice

Which are the must try dishes and drinks in Venice?

Venice for couples

What are some of the interesting and romantic things to do in Venice?

Cheap gondola ride in Venice

Any tips on how to save money while engaging gondola in Venice?

Romantic proposal ideas

Any suggestions on quiet and romantic places to propose in Venice?

Beaches near Rome

Which are some of the most popular beaches near Rome that can be visited as day trip?

Budget restaurants in Venice

Any recommendations on budget restaurants in Venice?

Do you need a guided tour of the Vatican?

Do you need a guided tour of the Vatican? Can we do with self guided tour of the Vatican?

Planning a trip to Appian Way

Appian Way - How to get to Appian way and what to do at Appian Way?

Venice in 3 days

Help me frame an itinerary for 3 days in Venice. We do not want a packed schedule but would definitely love to get the feel of the city.

Is day trip to Dolomites worthwhile?

Is it worthwhile to go to Dolomites as a day trip from Venice?

Pope in person

At Vatican,how to visit Pope in person?

Chianti in one day

Help us plan a day trip to Chianti from Florence. How should we plan our one day in Chianti?

Sunset in Venice

Where to catch the sunset in Venice?

Bikes and Vespas in Florence

Where to rent bikes and Vespas in Florence?

Child Friendly Restaurants in Rome

Which are some of recommended child friendly restaurants in Rome?

Vatican dress code

What do you wear to the Vatican? (dress code)

Florence as base for Tuscany

We plan to explore Tuscany by setting base at Florence. We do not have access to car, would Florence be a good base for exploring Tuscany?

Where to eat in Venice on a budget ?

Any recommendation on restaurants and street food in Venice? Where to eat in Venice on a budget?

Is Vatican pass worth it?

Should I purchase Omnia Pass(Vatican Pass). Is it worth the money?

Shopping like a local

I am a local. Keen to know where do locals shop in Florence?

Florence card museums

With Florence Card, which are the museums worth visiting?

Eating at the Vatican

Where to eat at the Vatican city?

Scavi tour tickets

How to get Scavi tour tickets? Is the tour worth it?

Romantic hotels in Venice

Can you recommend romantic hotels to a couple on their honeymoon trip to Venice.

Grand canal view hotels

Which are the best hotels with awesome view of the Grand Canal?

Venice with teenagers

How to plan a holiday in Venice with teenagers

Venice on a budget

How to plan a budget holiday in Venice?

Venice travel apps

Which are some useful apps for a traveler planning to visit Venice?

Best time to visit Venice

When is it the best time to visit Venice?

Venice with kids

Request local expert to list Venice attractions and activities for children

Is three days too much in Florence?

We are planning to visit Italy in April. Currently, we have allocated 3 full days to Florence. In Florence, can we keep ourselves occupied for 3 days?

Rome from a Cruise Ship

Our cruise ship is in Rome for a day. Any tips on visiting Rome from a Civitavecchia cruise port?

What to see in Vatican?

For my trip to Rome, Vatican will be the key highlight. What are the interesting things to see and do in the Vatican city?

Vatican with kids

Is it worthwhile to visit Vatican with kids - aged 7 and 10?

Pompeii or Ostia Antica?

What will a tourist in Rome miss if he goes to Ostia Antica instead of Pompeii?

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