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Why visit Rome?

Rome is full of some of the most famous architecture, artwork and history in this world. From the Trevi fountain to the Vatican museum you’ll find famous names and their pieces all throughout the city. But what, perhaps is even more amazing is all of the pieces you’ve never even heard of. The city is overflowing with pieces to show off that so many of them don’t even get uttered as forgotten seconds. Turn a corner and you’ll stumble upon another Michelangelo piece, a stunning fountain or some archaeological ruins. These things are just part of life in Rome.

Best time to visit Rome

The best time to visit Rome is from October through April. This is the time when you’ll be able to breathe and perhaps even get close to the Trevi Fountain. The crowds are less than in the high season of summer. It won’t be hot in the city but it also almost never goes below freezing. So you’ll want some layers, but often cities like this are more enjoyable when the pavement isn’t akin to a frying pan.

The top things to see and do in Rome


The famous gladiator theater which was built circa A.D. 80 and could seat as many as 50,000 people. It’s in partial ruins but not any less impressive. Do not miss the interiors of the Colosseum and the many tours of the Colosseum. Book well in advance to see the Underground Colosseum, the Third Ring Tour, or the Colosseum tour at Night.


One of the best preserved ruins throughout the city, the Pantheon is a temple which dates as far back as 2,000 years. Many Roman kings have been buried here. The most striking feature of the building is the huge done with the round skylight. Entry is free and the attraction is open every day of the week.

3. Vatican Museums

There are several kilometers worth of museum here, one the largest collections of art in the world, made possible by popes throughout the years. Keep aside a day to visit the Vatican museums. And take special note to spend quality time at the Sistine Chapel, when you are there.

4. Roman Forum

What was once the center of city life is now an impressive display of ruins, from temples to theatres it’s all here to be explored. The Roman Forum and Palatine Hill visit is included in the ticket for the Colosseum. You should decide the visit plan in a way that you can efficiently see all the sites on the same day.

5. St. Peter’s Basilica

The largest and richest church in the country. It is nothing short of astonishing. Containing impressive artworks as well as architecturally wonderful. Depending on the time you have, decide if you want to visit the dome, the treasury, and the underground grottoes...or just the main building.

6. Markets of Rome

To get a vibe for the real Rome you must try and visit the local markets of Rome, Campo di Fiori on Sundays, and Porta Portese on other days.

7. Fountains of Rome

There are hundred of fountains and squares in Rome, some more famous than the others but each equally important. Ancient Aqueducts used to bring in water from the countryside into Rome and the fountains were the places where they water was supplied. Today you can visit the best of these fountains of Rome.

8. Offbeat Rome

There are many quirky parts of Rome with interesting attractions that have remained undiscovered. Take some time to see these fun things to do in Rome, in plain sight. It is easy to be overwhelmed by the number of tourists you will see at the major attractions of Rome.

9. Traditional Roman food and drink

Make sure to sample the traditional Roman dishes when you are visiting even for a couple of days. Italy is a wonderful country where every region is unique in its food and drink.

10. Day trips from Rome

There are many exciting day trip destinations to easily visit from Rome, thanks to Italy’s excellent rail and road connections. Italy is a long country and so trains run very efficiently, connecting many places, very quickly.

Where to stay in Rome

Rome encompasses 22 different neighborhoods, called rioni so it can be slightly daunting to choose where to stay but no matter your preference there will surely be something for you. Whether you choose to be centrally located and close to the city’s most famous and popular attractions or if you’d prefer to stay where you can experience ‘local’ life you’ll find an option that suits you in Rome.

Getting around in Rome

Getting around the city center of Rome can be done either by bus or by metro. The metro offers just two lines while the buses are many and also run 24 hours a day. This is often the best way to navigate the city, plus you can do some sightseeing whilst on board.

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Day trips from Rome

Rome provides a wonderful location for day trips to the surrounding region. Its proximity to the sea means you could head off to sunbathe for the day. Or, if you’d prefer you can head into Tuscany and spend the day wine tasting. Whether it’s a smaller city, countryside or sea you prefer the options surrounding Rome are many. Train links throughout Italy are wonderful and the best way to go on a day trip without the hassle of parking a car once you’re there. There are also some great tour options, especially for an experience like vineyards which you may want to see a few of in a day.

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What to eat and drink in Rome

  • Supplì (eat): A fried rice ball with ragu and mozzarella. One of the most popular street foods of Rome.
  • Pizza: An Italian classic. Made in a different manner throughout the country, Romans tend to be very simple with their toppings, and thin with their base.
  • Pasta: Another Italian favorite. Carbonara is a delicious classic in Rome.
  • Prosecco (drink): The Italian answer to sparkling wine. This is a classic drink all throughout the country.
  • Aperol Spritz (drink): A wine based cocktail served before dinner. Very refreshing on hot days.
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