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What areas to avoid in Barcelona?

I am a single woman traveling to Barcelona on my own. Which are the areas in Barcelona to avoid visiting, and importantly, areas to avoid while booking a hotel in Barcelona?

Bilbao in 3 days

We have 3 days in Bilbao during our Basque country visit. 3 days may be a bit much but we want to see Bilbao properly, and surrounding areas as well. How do you recommend we go about this?

Toledo knife and other souvenirs

Where to buy a Toledo knife? Also, what are some other souvenirs that we can buy in Toledo?

Seville Alcazar free entry

I am confused; can we enter Alcazar of Seville for free at certain times? We did manage to visit Prado for free but the Alcazar website is in Spanish and also not clear about free entry timings.

What are unique Basque souvenirs?

What should we buy as souvenirs from our Basque country visit? Where can we buy these?

How many days in Toledo?

Should we visit Toledo as a day trip or should we spend a few days at Toledo? How many days should we spend in Toledo?

Cathedral free hours

When can I visit Seville Cathedral for free and can I also climb the Giralda tower during this time?

Where to see the best Flamenco in Spain?

During our Spain trip in the coming spring, we want to watch an authentic Flamenco performance. Can you recommend the best Flamenco cities and venues of Spain, which we should keep in mind?

What food is Barcelona known for?

I am a foodie and keen to try typical food of Barcelona, especially Catalan cooking. What is Barcelona's must-try traditional food?

What Souvenirs to buy in Rome?

Which are some of the cool things that you can only buy in Rome?

Where to buy ceramics in Seville?

Which is the shop recommended by experts for those wanting to buy traditional, authentic ceramic items from Seville?

Bike friendly hotels in Girona

We will land at Girona with our bicycles and want to head to a hotel that is bike-friendly. Suggest bike friendly hotels in Girona.

Where is the best Seville Flamenco?

For real local Seville Flamenco performances, which are the not-touristy places to go?

Toledo or Segovia?

Help me choose between Toledo and Segovia for a day trip from Madrid

3 days in Barcelona - Best Itinerary

What should we see and do in Barcelona in 3 days? This is a family holiday with my foodie wife, my active 55 year old mother and 13 year old football-fan son. So we cannot miss a ... football stadium and some of the fantastic restaurants of Barcelona. Help us form a three day itinerary of Barcelona.

Toledo in one day?

Can you suggest a plan to spend a day in Toledo? What to see and do? How to travel from Madrid (bus or train)?

Free attractions in Rome

What are the things to do in Rome for Free?

Barcelona beach at night

We are a couple planning a visit to Barcelona in the month of May. Are Barcelona beaches active at night? We plan to stay in hotels in Barcelona by the beach, even if it means paying a moderate premium.

Cheap travel from Barcelona to Madrid

What is the best way to travel cheap from Barcelona to Madrid? Is there an overnight train? Are there any attractions enroute? How can I buy tickets for the fast train cheap? [book in advance/ class etc]

HolaBCN or Barcelona T10 card?

Are HolaBCN and Barcelona T10 card the same? If not, which Barcelona transport card should I buy?

How many days in Rome are enough?

While planning our Italian itinerary, how many days should we allocate for Rome?

Which is the best Venice city card?

For a 3 day visit to Venice, which is the recommended Venice city pass?

Madrid Flamenco show reviews

What are some local resident recommended places to see flamenco shows in Madrid?

What to prebook in Rome?

Which are the museum tickets that I need to book in advance?

Wine region from San Sebastian?

From San Sebastian, should I go to French or Rioja wine region? Which wine towns to cover, and by self tour or guided tour? Is there a sequence in which to travel, and what transport to use?

Rolling Venice Card

What is Venice Rolling Card? Is the Rolling Venice card worth it?

Barcelona in 4 days

We want to see more than Barcelona's main attractions and so we are planning a 4 days trip. Can you make some suggestions on how to use this time and discover Barcelona's character as a city?

Cover charges of Barcelona nightclubs

Does anyone know what are the cover charge at popular night clubs of Barcelona? Do we need to make an advance reservation? Thanks in advance!!! Cannot wait to land in Barcelona.

Best town to stay in costa brava

We plan to spend a few days in Costa Brava after Girona. What are some nice towns to stay? Should we stay in one place and how should we plan our way around Costa Brava?

Recommended beaches around Bilbao

What are the best beaches to visit around Bilbao and how can we get there?

Seven day Costa Del Sol itinerary

Please help me frame a seven day Costa Del Sol itinerary. I am interested in beaches, and would also like to know important towns that I need to visit in Costa Del Sol.

Is Articket Barcelona worth buying?

Is it worth buying ART PASSPORT [articket Barcelona]. If time permits, I would like to visit many museums in Barcelona.

One week in Spain

Can we see Spain in 7 days, can you recommend an itinerary?

Quiet resorts near Malaga

Are there any calm and quiet resorts near Malaga? We are without children and not the partying sort. Relaxation and slow sightseeing is important for us.

Gothic area Barcelona

Gather Gothic area in Barcelona is a must-do. What are the things to do in Gothic Area Barcelona?

Dali Triangle Tour from Barcelona

Keen to go on a Dali Triangle Tour. Is it feasible to do it in a day?

Itinerary for Rioja wine towns

Need a visit plan for La Rioja. Which towns to visit, how to travel and where to stay the night?

What is Cuarto Real tour?

Is it worth going on the Cuarto Real tour when we visit the Seville Alcazar? What is this tour exactly?

Where to stay in Seville?

Does it matter where we stay in Seville? We are there for 2 nights on a mid range budget. We want to see the entire city, not just the historic quarter.

How many days in Venice?

To get a feel of Venice, how many nights should I stay in Venice?

How to get to Montjuic

I have realized that there are many ways to get to Montjuic Mountains. For a first time tourist, what is best way to to get to Montjuic

Visiting Prado museum free

Any tips on visiting Prado Museum in Madrid for free?

Hotel with car parking at Granada

I will be renting a car for my trip to Southern Spain. I intend to stay for a day in Granada. What are the good hotels with car parking? I prefer good budget hotels or mid-range hotels.

What areas to avoid in Rome?

Which are some of the areas we need to avoid while visiting Rome?

Parking in Girona

We are driving around Costa Brava and will visit Girona for a day. What are the parking options in the city? Should we expect to pay?

How to visit Basque Country in 6 days?

What to see and how to plan for 6 days in Basque region? Can you give us a practical itinerary that covers the main things?

Madrid in 3 Days

Can we see Madrid properly in just 3 days? What are the must see places and what can we skip? Will we have time to go for a day trip also? We cannot spare more than 3 days for Madrid.

Flamenco for kids

I have a free night with family in Seville. Where can I go for a flamenco show with my kids, ages 9 and 6? Do children enjoy flamenco performances; are they allowed to watch the show?

7 day Southern Spain Itinerary

We will be visiting Spain with family in the summer. Andalusia is on the top of our list. Can you recommend a southern Spain itinerary for a week?

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