Romantic things to do in Costa Del Sol

Looking forward to a romantic, relaxing and fun filled holiday in Costa Del Sol with my partner. Any suggestions for couples looking to do something visiting Costa Del Sol?

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Costa del Sol, is a wonderful place for a couple to base themselves for a romantic, sojourn. Gibralter and Costa Del Sol have always been known as wedding destinations. John Lennon and Sean Connery married here!

Romantic things to do in Costa Del Sol

1. Beaches

Well, the first thing that comes to mind are the beaches (walks on the beach, pretty sunsets and all that).

Playa de la Alberquilla, a perennial hit with couples.
Here are some of the Costa Del Sol beaches popular with couples on a romantic holiday.
- Playa de Maro, which is 5km away from Nerja. The beach is somewhat secluded and has boulders, clear water, nice scenery and is, overall, very pretty.
- Playa Cabopino or Puerto Banús, both in Marbella.
- Playa de Pedregalejo in Malaga. The beach has many little fishing boats on the sand and you can try the typical “espetos malagueños”.
- Playa de la Alberquilla, a perennial hit with couples.

2. Romantic walk by the river

Perfect romantic setting
When you are bored of beaches, take a river walk up to Rio Chillar from Nerja. The walk route cuts through the Alhama Natural Park and offers amazing scenery of mountains and crystal clear river pools. The walk itself is easy and straightforward. Perfect for a romantic day out.

3. Romantic cruise on a sail boat

In many towns of Costa Del Sol, you can set off on a romantic sunset cruise on a sail boat.

4. Ride high

Teleferico Benalmadena (cable car)
Take the romantic 15-minute cable car ride at Benalmadena to the highest point of the Costa del Sol. The views of the ocean and surrounding mountains are magnificent.

5. Romantic evening at the rooftop bars

Malaga at night
If you are in Malaga, try to go up AC Málaga Palacio, which is a hotel, but they often let people go up to the terrace and the views are beautiful at night from up there. If you can’t go up Málaga Palacio, try the hotel just in front (Molina Larios), which is not as tall but will do the trick.

6. Butterfly Park

Go for a walk at the butterfly park in Benalmádena. It is fantastic to see so many colorful butterflies flying around your head as you walk through the tick foliage.

7. Finally stay in a Spanish romantic villa

Travel + Leisure magazine shortlisted 10 best accommodation options for honeymooners across the world. El Secreto del Moro Villa in Costa Del Sol made the cut. This is what they had to say "Hidden in the hills is the extravagant El Secreto del Moro that offers stunning views of the valley and in the distance, the Riff Mountains by the African border tapering off into the deep blue sea."

El Secreto del Moro Villa is not an isolated example. Costa del Sol is full of small luxury hotels and secluded Spanish villas, making it the most preferred romantic getaway

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Marbella and Malaga are two cities with a lot of romantic feel. The most romantic thing to do is to rent out a yacht for a day. How often do you get to hang out on a yacht during your daily life? If you’re like most people, probably not often. Yatch is of course very private unlike places such as the beach or clubs.

Another activity that’s a bit less expensive than a yacht is getting a helicopter tour. No one can argue that flying in a helicopter isn’t awesome. It’s not a normal activity for most people which makes it even more special. It’s kind of like a one in a lifetime event that you two will always share together.

One activity that attracts solo travelers and couples alike is Marbella’s Old Town. In a way, it’s very much like stepping back through time and getting lost in an old type of beauty. There are crooked and narrow streets, window panes faded from the sun, the Orange Square (a square full of orange trees), and that historical charm. This part of Marbella also is home to several good bars and restaurants (tapas!), so, it’s highly recommended.

In terms of Malaga, the first thing that comes to mind is the Ferris wheel at the Malaga Port. This seventy- meter high Ferris wheel is called Noria Nirador Princess. It’s a new addition to the port and cost around ten euros. Not a bad price, considering the view you get of Malaga. If the Ferris wheel stops at the top, perfect chance for a selfie and a kiss. Make sure to print and frame the photo when you get home.

You and your partner can also get a little spa treatment while under the stars. In the middle of the town, there’s Hammam Al-Andalus which is a well-known spa. You can get a massage, enjoy some authentic Moroccan tea, and can use the baths for around ninety minutes. The baths have a skylight, so, while you’re bathing, you can gaze at the starry sky. This option can be a bit pricey but it’s worth it.

The Clarence Jazz Club is open Wednesday through Saturday for the jazz lovers. It could also just be a new experience for you and your significant other to try. If worse comes to worse, there’s a bar there, too, so, you have options.

Finally, something you don’t get to do often is explore an ancient castle. The region has several castles to go adventuring in, so, look it up before you leave or ask one of the locals. They’ll point you in the right direction.

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