Can I stay within Alhambra complex?

The only reason we are visiting Granada is to see Alhambra. Are there any affordable hotels offering excellent views of Alhambra, or within the complex?

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3 reasons you should stay within Alhambra complex

  1. If you are driving down to Granada, please do stay within Alhambra complex or close to Alhambra complex. It is easy to park the car at the massive public parking near Alhambra. While it is a nightmare to drive and park cars in Granada town, it is fun to take the tram service from Alhambra and visit Granada town.

  2. At night, when the lights are on, Alhambra complex is a sight to behold. It is very pleasant to roam around the complex especially in late evenings and at night when the complex is free of guides and tourists. Even if you stay within the Alhambra complex,you can only roam around the complex but cannot enter the ticketed monuments.

  3. Best time to visit Alhambra is in the morning, before the cruise crowd from Malaga reach Alhambra. staying within the complex makes it easy to be one of the first ones to reach Alhambra

Parador de Granada is truly within Alhambra complex as is Hotel America (400 metres from Parador).

Parador de Granada is on the Alhambra grounds

Parador is grand but in my opinion not worth paying four times what it costs to stay at Hotel America. If you are ok to stay at a walking distance to Alhambra, consider Carmen de la Alcubilla del Caracol - a boutique hotel with easy access to Alhambra as well as Granada town.

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If you want to stay on the Alhambra grounds, there are two hotels: Hotel Parador de Granada and Hotel America.

You can also consider Hotel Guadalupe, which is not within the Alhambra complex but close to Alhambra parking lot.

  1. Parador de Granada

    Hotel Parador de Granada is a 4-star hotel of the state-run Parador chain. It commands a huge premium because of its location (right within Alhambra grounds) and its Moorish ambience.

    The hotel is in an absolutely gorgeous historic building, a former monastery within the Alhambra walls that exudes the Moorish history of Granada.

    As can be expected, the hotel is expensive and booked months in advance. Ask for rooms on the top floor, with a nice view of the Generalife Gardens. If you can afford to pay the extra premium, book accommodation in Torre del Alba room, which in the form of a tower has windows pointing to the four cardinal points : Palacio del Generalife and its gardens, Alberca, Sierra Nevada, La Vega de Granada and the site of the Alhambra.
    Calle Real de la Alhambra, s/n, 18009, Granada

    +34 958 22 14 40    Website

  2. Hotel America

    Hotel America has the idyllic setting in the Alhambra complex, next to the more expensive Hotel Parador de Granada San Francisco. In my opinion, Hotel America is a better choice than Parador as it is affordable, small and more personal.

    If you are driving down to Granada, there is no on-site parking but you can take advantage of the valet parking for $18 euro a day.
    Calle Real de la Alhambra, 53, 18009, Granada,Spain

    +34 958 22 74 71    Website

  3. Hotel Guadalupe

    Hotel Guadalupe is not within Alhambra complex, but close to the parking lot. This is a good choice for those driving to Granada, as you can park in the Alhambra parking lot across the street from the hotel. This hotel is right at the Alhambra entrance, near the ticket counter.

    Hotel Guadalupe is a good choice if you do not have advance tickets for Alhambra and therefore have to get in line early for ticket booking. Make sure to ask for the balcony room if you like to sit outside and enjoy the view.
    Paseo de la Sabica, 18009, Granada,Spain

    +34 958 22 57 30    Website

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