Things to do in Barcelona for couples

We are a couple planning to visit Barcelona. Apart from the main attractions what can you recommend for a young, romantic (but not too mushy) couple?

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Barcelona has all the elements for a great romance, the sea, the weather, the wine. And to that roof top bars, spas, pools, Jacuzzis, candlelight dinners, paddle boats and what do you get? The perfect recipe for a perfect romance.

Do be sure to hit all the major tourist attractions, they are not worth missing, but when you’re ready for it to be just the two of you we’ve got the right formula. Remember to relax and enjoy, the romance is already there.

Romantic Attractions in Barcelona

Barcelona Harbor
Completely free and completely fun is a walk around the harbor. Restaurants here are best to be avoided as they are overpriced and underqualitied, however a little sugar pick me up is absolutely the right idea. Enjoy the sea breeze and the sound of the ocean, pick a bench and relax for a bit.

The Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar
Get away from the hoards at The Sagrada Familia (though you should certainly visit it as well) and get a bit cozier in the more intimate atmosphere that this Catalan gothic church from the 14th century offers. Be sure to dress appropriately or you won’t be allowed in, women, cover below your knees. There probably won’t be much in the way of queues at this fairly hidden church and regardless, buying online is not possible.

Parc de la Ciutadella
Choose a sunny day to enjoy Barcelona’s first green space, not far from the seaside. Read up on the history of the sunny spot your sitting in, it’s been through more than you could imagine. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere over your picnic lunch.

But before you go, head first to Santa Caterina Market and fill up your picnic basket with meats, cheeses and a bottle of wine.

The gorgeous - and more local - Mercat de Santa Caterina

Afterwards you have options, you could head to the zoo or the museum of natural science, both within the park. Or, to keep absorbing your vitamin D, you could rent a paddle boat and float around the pond in front of the ornate waterfall.

Activities for couples in Barcelona

Tour of Casa Milà at night
More popularly known as La Pedrera is just one of Gaudi’s many impressive works throughout the city. Originally it was designed as a private residence but today is on the UNESCO world heritage list and can be toured. For the most romantic experience go at night.

A special soundtrack and lighting is provided in the night time guided tour. Tickets can be purchased for €34/person through Barcelona Turisme and include a glass of cava and a chocolate snack on the rooftop terrace. Date night perfection.

Go to a Spa
Get away from the stress, noise and chaos of the city streets and duck into the oasis of one of Barcelona’s many tranquil spas. For a traditional experience try Yhi Wellness Spa which offers a myriad of treatments including massages and reflexology as well as a sauna and turksih baths amongst other things. The Yhi Wellness Spa is inside the Meliá Barcelona Sky hotel which is a good, mid-range choice.

For something a bit different try out Aire Barcelona, an Arab style bath, and go at midnight. This spa offers a number of different ‘rituals’ and even a wine bath. Prices here are very reasonable with a 90 minute thermal bath circuit costing just €36

Palau de La Música Catalana
An absolutely stunning music hall built in the early 1900’s, the concerts here are certainly worth looking into. You’ll be surrounded by colorful mosaics and stained glass designs. Tickets come in a range of prices from about €18 up to €70. Do check the schedule and book your tickets ahead of time for an unforgettable evening.

Romantic Day trip (Cadaques)

If you have the time during your stay in Barcelona, and we recommend a minimum of four days in the city, thought five is better with a sixth for your day trip, head to the romantic seafront of Cadaques.

Cadaques is a perfect romantic destination from Barcelona
Just over two hours in the car you can also make the trip on a train to Figueres and then a bus to Cadaques, that’ll take you about 3 hours. The population of the perfect seaside town remains below 3,000 but increases dramatically with summer visitors. You’ll find piercing blue waters against a backdrop of white houses and a whole lot of sunshine. Getting away from the hustle and bustle for a day can be the perfect cap on a romantic escape.

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Restaurants and Bars for couples

Date night choice - Senyor Paradella
Senyor Paradella is in the middle of the El Born district, don’t let the exemplary decorating job scare you off, the prices are shockingly affordable with food quality matching the decorating job rather than the prices on the menu. The interior manages to be both grand and cozy and the wait staff are prompt and polite. Definitely a solid date night choice.

Rooftop lounge - Hotel 1898
Hotel 1898 has got it all, not only do they offer a rooftop terrace and pool (unfortunately the pool is only for hotel guests), but this is also another choice for your spa visit. The building itself, is grand, old and has stories to tell. Check into its tobacco related history as well as the reason behind the name (hint: it’s not the year it was built). This is a great choice for a relaxed but romantic evening. The terrace serves tapas and cocktails, as well as non-alcoholic beverages.

Warm and cozy - El Pla
El Pla is the hopeless romantic dressed as a restaurant. It’s cozy, warm interior boasts warmly colored walls and exposed brick. The place is steeped in dim but appropriate lighting, so you can see each other’s faces but not the blemishes. The cuisine, while Mediterranean in nature has tastes and inspirations from around the world. Not only are prices incredibly reasonable but this entire package is right in the city center. And some go so far as to say this is the best restaurant in Barcelona.

Cozy couple Hotels

Posh - If the spas and rooftop pools are simply not enough for your romantic getaway how about a private pool? At the Catalonia Square in city center you can book a suite with your own personal pools starting at a surprisingly low price of €320/night.

For the rest of us - However, if a private pool is out of your budget you’re not a total loss for romantic stays. Check out TWO Hotel Barcelona by Axel, you’ll still get a pool on the roof.

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