Cover charges of Barcelona nightclubs

Does anyone know what are the cover charge at popular night clubs of Barcelona? Do we need to make an advance reservation?

Thanks in advance!!! Cannot wait to land in Barcelona.

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Going out at night in Barcelona is usually quite expensive, I recommend signing up through this page: You can enter some discos for free from a certain time!

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Barcelona nightclub entry charges

Cover charges (admission price) at Barcelona nightclubs vary based on the popularity of the nightclub, day and time. For Barcelona nightclubs, busiest days are Thursday to Saturday. Usually, the first drink comes free with cover (entry price) charges.

Opium, Barcelona beach.

Enroll as a guest

Most Barcelona nightclubs, including popular ones like Opium, have a provision for you to enroll into their guest list online.

If you enroll as guest, entry to the nightclub is normally free on weekdays and till midnight even on weekends. Enrollment into a Barcelona club guest list is easy if you go as a couple or in a group of less than 5 people. Stags rarely get an invite.

Indicative Entrance Fee (cover charges) of Popular Barcelona Nightclubs

Opium Nightclub, Barcelona

  • Prices : €10-€30 depending on the night.
  • During the day, you can get free entry wristbands for the evening provided you enter nightclub before 1:30
  • Guest List registration

Sutton Nightclub

  • Prices : €20+
  • Dress up smart to enter
  • Can be hard to get into Sutton nightclub for free.

    Razzmattaz Barcelona

  • Prices : €17+
  • The club has 5 dance floors

    Club Moog Barcelona

  • Prices : €15+

    Catwalk Nightclub

  • Prices : €10+
  • Buy tickets online for special events

Marula Café

  • Prices : €10+

Prices above refer to entrance fees and include 1 free drink

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The other option you can consider is buying the VIP In-Card. It costs €26.95.
The card is valid across 14 clubs (including Opium). As long as you are well behaved and dressed to suit the club, you get a quick entry.

Also there is no extra cover charge to be paid in any of the participating clubs.

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