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Finally I have a 3 day Seville trip planned. How should I spend these days if I want to go beyond the main attractions of Seville?

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Three days is bringing you closer to the perfect Seville trip. You won’t feel rushed unlike a 1 day or a 2 day trip. And when you look around at the locals, you’ll notice they never are.

What you can do in 3 days in Seville

In three days, you can see a lot in Seville. You can cover the Cathedral and the Alcazar in no rush. You can learn the Jewish history of the Santa Cruz neighborhood and finally cross the river into Triana the local equivalent of the Santa Cruz neighborhood. You can pick up some ceramics at a reasonable price and you can absolutely stuff your belly with the best pig you’ll ever try.

Triana has the site of the Spanish Inquisition, it has traditional ceramics, flamenco, local churches, old Roma (gypsy) communes and a lot more.

Spend more time at the Alcazar of Seville

No matter how much time you have in Seville you should plan to make your way to the Alcazar for a visit. But once you’ve chosen to afford yourself more time in the city you can actually take the time to relax and enjoy it.

If you’re familiar with Game of Thrones you might start to recognize some parts as the backdrop to the kingdom of Dorne. Do a bit of research beforehand to get the exact location for different shoots and become a part of their world. Alternatively, you could choose to go on a guided tour which will bring you around the filming locations and share some anecdotes from GoT’s time in Seville.

Dorne Palace from Game of Thrones, in Seville Alcazar
If you have no idea what Dorne is that’s o.k. too, the Alcazar is still for you. Give yourself sufficient time to wander the rooms and gardens. Four hours wouldn’t be too much. Book your tickets in advance and go in the morning, The Royal Suite closes at 13:00 and you’ll also beat the heat of the day.

Barrio Santa Cruz

Again, no matter the amount of time you have in the city you should spend a bit of it in this neighborhood, but with three days comes plenty of time. The first thing we recommend doing is folding up your map, powering off your phone and simply walking. Don’t have a destination, just follow your nose and see what you find.

Santa Cruz can suddenly go from crowded to quiet just around a corner
Do however, make sure that you find a few key spots. Make your way to Plaza Alfaro, which was the inspiration for the balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet. Also, do go to the Centro de Interpratacion Juderia de Sevilla, the Jewish museum of Seville. A museum showing the history of Jews in the area. Unfortunately, the number of artifacts here is limited due to their destruction hundreds of years ago. Regardless, it is important to know their story.


Lesser known and less visited than Santa Cruz, this neighborhood, on the other side of the bridge has retained more of its authenticity. Known historically for its gypsies and seafarers’ tourist attractions are limited, but the attraction is the neighborhood itself.

Triana is local Seville
If you’re looking for ceramics to bring home (and you should) search here, the prices will be lower and the quality higher than the souvenir shops in the center of town.

Aim to be in Triana around dusk to watch the sunset hit old town on the other side of the river.


You’re in the right place for a flamenco show. You’ll see the shows advertised everywhere you look. Prices, quality, time and authenticity will vary but in all honesty, you really can’t go that wrong. However, I do recommend the show at Casa de la Memoria which mixes flamenco with guitar and singing.

Additionally, take in a performance at Sevilla de Opera, located in the Lonja Arenal it’s a theatre in the round creating a more audience centered performance. The group who started this organization not long ago, wanted opera to be more accessible to the general public, to be a less exclusive event, so that is what you will find here, opera for the masses.

The beauty about 3 days in Seville...
Three days is going to allow you the time you need to give justice to the marvels of the city. The Cathedral (do the roof tour) and Alcazar (see the Royal apartments) will claim a great deal of your time, don’t resist it. Perch yourself on a bench, smell the flowers, run your fingers along the intricate design. Go slow.

Especially if your visit is in the heat of summer you’ll want to allow time for a siesta, it’s not simply an excuse for a nap but it’s a needed break to get out of the blasting mid-day sun. And when you awake you’ll still have time to escape the crowds and rub elbows with the local people of the city.

Day trips from Sevilla?

Yes, Cordoba and Cadiz are within easy day trip distances but realistically you shouldn’t be headed out of Sevilla if you only have three days there. Give yourself another day or two to fit in day trips.

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3 days is perfect for a tour or activity in Seville

Flamenco lessons
Learn how to flamenco dance for yourself. There’s more to it than you might think. It’s not just the footfalls, it’s also the way you hold your hands when you clap, where, when and how you move your gaze. Take an evening class with Sevilla Walking Tours for €18. You’ll even end the class with a short routine. Try it, you might be surprised how much you learn!

River cruise
Go on a river cruise down the Guadalquivir. A city like Seville would never have survived were it not for the grand river flowing through it bringing it not only life but also an economy. You can drift down the rio with Curceros Torre Del Oro. The cruises take off every 30 minutes and last an hour with commentary along the way. The cost is €16 per adult.

History walking tour
While spending time in barrio Santa Cruz is a great starting point and the Jewish history museum will give you some information we also strongly suggest a Jewish history walking tour to round out your understanding. To truly get the context, both past and present, of the Jewish community in Seville go for a walk with Jewish Sevilla.

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Useful tips for your 3 day trip to Seville

Consider stay options beyond centre
The Alameda area is not far from centro, you can still walk where you’ll want to go. The area has beautiful pedestrianized streets, plenty of restaurants and nightlife. Take a look at Casa Romana.

Or head a little closer to the river into the Arenal neighborhood. This area is slightly more upscale and affluent than Alameda. If that’s your style take a look at Mercer Seville.

Getting around and cards
The Sevilla Card is currently unavailable. We don’t know if or when it will be sold again. A 3-day bus/tram card can be purchased for €10. Depending on where you’re staying and your desire to walk this could be a good investment. Individual rides are €1.30

Advance booking
Definitely book the Cathedral and The Alcazar in advance to avoid waiting in lines or missing out altogether. These are the most popular tourist spots so if you schedule a time to go to them you can fit the other spots in around your spare time so as to leave yourself some flexibility.

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Sample the food, drink, and Seville nightlife

Seville is the self-proclaimed tapas capital of the world. That being said you can order meals of other sizes as well. Think of the word tapa as a size guideline. It’s a portion of a few bites and gives you the ability to try a few different things. You’ll also see on menus, media raciones and raciones - these mean half or full plate.

Keep in mind the in Seville you pay for your tapas. Unlike other Spanish cities where a tapa comes free with a drink.

Now, I hope you’re a meat eater because you’re about to enter pig heaven in Seville.

Start with Secreto Ibérico, possibly the best cut of pork the world has ever known. Essentially the armpit of the pig, the Iberian secret is generally grilled and is melt in your mouth good. Give it a go at Los Coniales, right by the Metropol Parasol. If you’re craving more pork (and you should be) go for jamón ibérico de bellot, acorn fed Iberian ham, the best of the best. Try it at La Bodega in Plaza Alfalfa.

If pig is not on your can-eat list than you’re actually in luck here. Thanks to the Jewish and Moorish history in Seville you can try Espinacas con Garbanzos, quite simply a tapa of spinach and garbanzo beans served with one large crouton. A local specialty.

Sip on Manzanilla as you nibble, a sherry wine produced about an hour outside of the city its driest of them and comes with a subtle saltiness due to the ocean breeze that blows through the barrels the sherry is aged in. Give it a go at El Rinconcillo, a bar that has been pouring tipple since 1670 making it the oldest bar in the city.

You’ll be at no shortage of spots to drink, dance or just watch the night.

Calle Betis is an excellent choice. The street runs parallel to the river and is overflowing for choice of venue. From flamenco bars to discos you’ll find it all here along with many young Sevillanos.

Alfalfa is the right area for the younger bar hopping and beer chugging crowd. Get a beer the size of your head at Rebotika.

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Make sure to shop for Seville souvenirs

You’ll notice the ceramic tiles that cover the city. They’re able to do this down here because it never gets cold enough for the ceramic to crack. They’ve done an amazing job of perfecting the craft in the region. It’s an excellent decorative souvenir to take home. Check the shops in the Triana neighborhood, across the river. Specifically, Ceramica Ruiz.

If you’re looking to make an investment in a souvenir that you might never use, purchase a flamenco dress. It could look nice hung on a wall perhaps. Or maybe wear it to your cousins wedding. The beautiful gowns go for about €200. If you’re lucky you might find something second hand for a bit cheaper than that.

Orange Blossom Perfume, a more useful, more affordable very Sevillano souvenir. You’ve probably caught a whiff of the oranges that grow around the city and the region, if you fancy the smell and want to sprinkle it on your wrists grab a bottle for takeaway. It can be purchased in Drogueria del Arenal for just €14

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Apps for Seville

Here are some very useful apps since you are spending a few days in Seville you might need them. Just search your App Store using the names here.

  • Seville Map - car, bike, walking and public transport maps (free)
  • Seville Travel Guide with Offline City Street Map - never get lost no matter how close you are to hotspots (free)
  • ICAS - find cultural activities and upcoming shows in Seville
  • Presto Paking - coming by car? Pay for your parking spot in the car

Traveling with Kids or as a Couple?

With Kids in Seville
So much of your Seville itinerary includes exploring magical little worlds. There’s no reason why you can’t stay on the same route with a kid in tow. Cut down on museums and increase Alcazar and park time to keep your kids happy.

Take a boat ride down the river. You can get a private one for true romance from El Barquero de Triana, aim for sunset for the perfect date. Go for a relaxing Arab bath and massage including chocolate therapy at Aire de Sevilla.

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