What tickets to buy for Sagrada Familia?

At the official website of Sagrada Familia, there are too many options for tickets - Only entry; entry and audio guide; entry and guided tour; tower visit; Gaudi museum and so on. Which is the recommended ticket to buy for visiting La Sagrada Familia?

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This is a frequently asked question by tourists coming to Barcelona. My recommendation is to buy the Entry + Audio Guide + Towers option for 29 euros.

I have reviewed all options for tickets listed on the Sagrada Familia official site:

Basic entry ticket to Sagrada Familia for 15,00€

This option is good for those in a hurry and want to photograph the facade and interiors of Sagrada Familia. %%A basic entry ticket also works for those who are happy to see Sagrada Familia using the free downloadable guide.

Entry + Sagrada Familia Audio Guide for 22,00€

Sagrada Familia entry with audio guide, is the most popular option. Audio guide is strongly recommended to discover the vision of Gaudi in all the details hidden in the architecture and sculptures. If you are traveling as a couple, you can share one audio guide, provided you use your own earphone.

Guided tour for 24,00€

If you are lucky, you will be assigned a good guide who will narrate many inside stories and tips on Sagrada Familia. My recommendation is to choose the Sagrada Familia audio-guided tour over the official-guided tour.

Gaudi tour

This ticket option just adds the entry to Gaudi's museum at Parc Guell. I do not recommend this option, as explained in this post

Entry + audio-guide + towers for 29,00€ - Buy this!

The 7 extra euros you pay in this ticket to climb the towers of Sagrada Familia is definitely worth the price. When you book the ticket, you will be asked to select the tower to climb. My vote is for Nativity Tower as explained in this post.

This (entry + audio guide + towers) is my top recommended ticketing option for Sagrada Familia. However, if you have a fear of heights, claustrophobia, or a mobility issue that can prevent you from climbing the towers of Sagrada Familia, skip this option.

Normally tickets to La Sagrada Familia are released online a month in advance.

Sagrada Familia nave ceiling details
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TIP - Skip the Sagrada Familia towers and go with Option 2 (entry + audio guide) for 22€.

This way you can see the important parts of Sagrada Familia (exterior and interior) and still save 7€ per ticket.

Use that 7€ saving to enter the paid part of Parc Guell, the Monumental Zone, instead.

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Buy a weekday ticket, NOT weekend

Ideally buy a weekday ticket as the crowds are generally much lesser than on the weekends. And I agree the best option is to buy the Entry + Audioguide + Towers ticket.

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