Is Seville best base to explore Andalucia?

Our 7 day Andalusia trip will cover Seville , Granada, and Cordoba. Where should we make a base, Seville or elsewhere? We also want to do day trips to small towns.

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Seville is the best base for Andalucia

You are thinking about this in the right way. Making a base in one city is the best way to see the entire Andalucia region. The region is well connected by public transport and so getting around even on longer day trips can be quite cheap and stress free.

You should choose Seville as your base to see the Andalucia region as it scores on all counts!

Why Seville as base for exploring Andalucia?

  • Seville is a diverse and culturally rich city with a lot to do, including the best Flamenco and Tapas. So you will need to spend a few nights here, anyway.
  • Seville is very well connected by public bus and train transport to the the rest of cities and attractions in the region. If you are planning on driving around, that’s even better! You can pack a lot in just a few days.
  • From Seville, you can make easy day trips to some of the best places in Andalucia. Jerez, Cadiz, Ronda, Cordoba, Sanlucar Barrameda, Malaga, are all easy destinations from Seville.
  • And the sea is also practical to reach from Seville, despite maps hinting otherwise. There are some lovely beaches within easy reach from Seville.

Avoid Granada or Malaga as base city

Some people also suggest choosing Granada or Malaga as a base. Don’t would get me wrong, Granada is a lovely city and there is a lot more to see besides the Alhambra. So you should definitely spend one full day and night in Granada. But Granada is no match for Seville as a base; it has a shorter list of attractions and day trip options, and it is not conveniently located like Seville.

Seville has the most convenient location in Andalusia

Malaga is a base to consider only if you are very interested in the coastal areas of Andalucia like the resorts of Marbella. For a typical visitor to Andalucia the best base is still Seville.

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