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I have a free night with family in Seville. Where can I go for a flamenco show with my kids, ages 9 and 6? Do children enjoy flamenco performances; are they allowed to watch the show?

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Kids are welcome at most flamenco venues

Flamenco is for everyone to enjoy in Spain, so children are certainly welcome at almost all performances in Seville. Spain is such a child friendly country but there may be some flamenco venues that have a minimum age policy for entry. So you should check that before you book a show. But rest assured that if your kids are allowed in, they will never be asked to leave by the management of the venue.

How to choose a flamenco show with kids

Still, I suggest that you carefully choose a flamenco show to watch with your kids in Seville, even if all the options allow entry for children. Seville has the best flamenco performances, but not all great shows remain great when you have children with you. From my experience, here are some ideas to plan a successful flamenco outing with kids in Seville.

1. Pick a short show, with kids.
Many highly flamenco shows in Seville can be upto 2 hours long and these long performances can be tiring even for many adults I know. So if you have children, whether they are 3 or 13, I would recommend sticking to a flamenco performance that is at the most 1 hour long.

2. Book the earliest show.
Book the first show of the evening, typically at 7pm, and make sure that the young ones are not irritated because their sleep time is interrupted by music and dance. Also feed the kids before the flamenco show. A well fed child is usually calmer during a flamenco performance. Keep some small treats handy just in case the kids start to get distracted.

3. Avoid flamenco shows that serve food.
There is nothing more distracting for a child than seeing food and drinks being served during a flamenco performance. The best way to keep children focused and quiet is to choose a performance venue where there are no food options during the show.

Based on my observations of children in flamenco shows, here is my list of the best performances in Seville if you plan to take your kids along.

Best flamenco shows with kids in Seville:

1. Flamenco Museum of Seville
This is my favourite show to take a kid along. The show starts early at 7pm, and it is less than an hour long. The young kids seem to like the no-microphones music and dancing at this venue, compared to some of the more commercial tablaos where it can get too loud.

Even small kids enjoy short flamenco performances

Plus, there is no food served during the performance, a sure sign that kids will be quiet. The Flamenco museum is centrally located, and so it is likely to be close to your hotel.

The venue is just perfect for children and parents, even a 6 year old will like the open spaces in the Flamenco museum. There are interactive exhibits, videos to watch, and large rooms to walk around in. The flamenco museum also has a snack bar, and a gift shop. If you are interested, you can schedule a flamenco lesson for the kids before the show.

2. Casa de la Guitarra
Performance at Casa de La Guitarra are fascinating for kids, especially some of the older ones who like the ambience of a guitar museum and the basic music without amplification. The different styles presented during the short performance keep kids attentive. The staff are friendly and patient with kids, and the venue provides high chairs for toddlers. Older kids love to see the section that contains ancient guitars, so you can arrive a little early.

There are two shows per day, each is just over an hour long, and perfect for children to stay keen. I would strongly recommend choosing the show starting at 730pm over the one starting at 9pm. The venue has a space at the back where you can safely park your strollers, if you are watching the show with young kids.

After the show, you can quickly get the kids back in bed because Casa Guitarra is very conveniently located, close to the Cathedral and in the district where most families stay.

3. Casa de la Memoria
This venue also makes my list of flamenco shows to watch with kids because there are very few distractions from the performance. The venue is small and the acoustics are good.

You can give the kids a break at the attached restaurant LaTaberna Flamenca, if necessary during the show.

The only downside with children at Casa de la Memoria is that you need to arrive early for the best seating. And note that your kids need to be older than 6 to watch a performance.

Some Don’ts while picking flamenco venues with kids

1. Do not pick too small or intimate venues
In Seville, I have been to flamenco shows where open air or larger spaces had a calming effect on young kids. So try and pick a tablao where there is some space for the child (and a parent) to walk away to in case the kid gets cranky.

2. Do not take a child to a flamenco pena
The flamenco penas are typically full of adults who are passionate and sometimes purists. They will not appreciate the chance of kids disturbing the performance. And for the child, the ambience at a flamenco pena can be loud and unpredictable compared to a scheduled show.

3. Do not venture too far from your hotel
Pick a flamenco venue close to your accommodation in Seville. I have noticed that parents tend to be less stressed during a flamenco performance if they know that their hotel is close by, and they do not need to spend a long time getting a sleepy or upset kid back home.

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