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I want to learn some Flamenco on my visit to Seville? What are the best flamenco schools in Seville? Do they accept beginners.

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Seville has excellent Flamenco schools

Of course, you can very easily learn some Flamenco in Seville even as a complete beginner. There are many flamenco schools in Seville, that teach students of all levels and ages. In addition to dance, Seville flamenco schools also teach singing, guitar and cajon playing, clapping, and rhythm.

The schools teach flamenco for all levels

Visitors to Seville can enroll in a short and affordable hour long flamenco classes offered by many schools. Many schools offer weekend classes, and some offer a week long immersion. Then there are also longer, residential flamenco courses that last up to a year.

Taught by professionals

Professional performers from the best Seville tablaos are also teachers at flamenco schools during the day. This is the main reason why the flamenco training in Seville is easily amongst the best available anywhere the world.

The best known flamenco schools in Seville are:

  1. Taller Flamenco - This is a famous flamenco school in a great location, Alameda in Macarena district. In less than 2 hours tourists can learn the basic of Flamenco here, including rhythm. Some classes are dance offs where they teach you 2 dances in less than an hour and then you compete with another team of visitors to Seville. Of course, serious learners have the option of staying for 2 weeks in their accommodation. They also teach Spanish in addition to flamenco.
  2. Casa de La Memoria runs Flamenco courses during the day, when it is not staging tablao performances. These classes are aimed at beginners; you can learn basics of Flamenco for 10 Euros.
  3. The Flamenco Museum or Museo del Baile Flamenco has a flamenco school where the teaching is based on using the student’s natural impulse to develop their own style.
  4. Escuela Flamenca Juan Polvillo runs courses from basic to highly advanced levels.
  5. Estudio Flamenco Carmen de Torres is a good school for very young children, even as young as 3 years old.

  6. Cristina Heeren Flamenco Foundation specializes in annual courses and also intensive courses lasting a couple of months in the summer.

Flamenco Class in progress at a flamenco school
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