What is Cuarto Real tour?

Is it worth going on the Cuarto Real tour when we visit the Seville Alcazar? What is this tour exactly?

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The Cuarto Real Tour is a tour of the Royal Quarters in Seville Alcazar. The Alcazar of Seville is still home to the Royal family when they visit the city. A section of their living quarters is open for the public to visit.

This is also called the Cuarto Real Alto Tour or Tour of Royal Apartments.

Cuarto Real tour is worth it!

Cuarto Real tickets are worth it! They show you a stunning insight into Spanish Royalty and they cost only 4.5 euros on top of Alcazar entry.

Highlights of Cuarto Real in Seville Alcazar

The Cuarto Real is a mix of Alhambra and Versailles styles. You can see this combination in the royal reception Salón de Audiencias, and the Mudéjar tiled bedroom of Pedro I.

The Royal apartments of Alcazar also have an art museum tracing the Alcazar over centuries. You will also see Queen Isabella's bedroom, the Royal chapel, and other rooms.

In the same section of Alcazar, the Throne Room (Sale Embajadores) is stunning with original wooden doors, Moorish tiled walls, and a gilded cedar dome.

A view of the Upper Royal Quarters. No photography inside!

Tips to visit Cuarto Real in Seville Alcazar

  1. Visitor numbers for Cuarto Real apartments are limited; so you must book in advance.
  2. When you visit, make sure to buy the combined Alcazar + Cuarto Real ticket.
  3. English and Spanish guided tours run many times a day.
  4. Cuarto Real tour tickets are timed entry and it is possible to get confused by the line for the rest of Alcazar. So plan to arrive 15 minutes early.
  5. Also remember that security is high and photography is not allowed.

Another glimpse from below the Royal Apartments in the Alcazar of Seville
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