Barcelona beach at night

We are a couple planning a visit to Barcelona in the month of May. Are Barcelona beaches active at night? We plan to stay in hotels in Barcelona by the beach, even if it means paying a moderate premium.

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If you can find a hotel in Barcelona by the beach with tariff that is acceptable to you, go for it! You will have a busy night, every night, especially if you stay close to Barceloneta beach.

Barcelona beach nightlife

Beaches of Barcelona come to life after sunset. Barceloneta is the go-to beach for nightlife. The atmosphere at Barceloneta is vibrant and festive at night, with the crowds building up until before day break.

Chiringuitos and impromptu beach parties

During summer, small beach bars called chiringuitos pop up across all the Barcelona beaches. In summer, the sun sets pretty late at Barcelona. Late evenings are best spent sipping cocktails at these Barcelona beachside Chiringuitos admiring the deep blue Mediterranean. As the night progresses, some of these chiringuitos become hot-spots for impromptu beach parties.

2. Barcelona beach nightclubs

The best thing about Barceloneta beach is the nightclubs. The popular beach clubs of Barcelona are

  • Opium Mar
  • Pacha
  • CDLC (Carpe Diem Lounge Bar)
  • Catwalk
  • Shoko
  • Sotovento

Each Barcelona beach nightclub has its own loyal crowd. CDLC is popular with the middle-aged and wealthy; Opium attracts a well-dressed and trendy young crowd while Pacha is college goers’ favorite nightclub.

At Barcelona beaches, nightclubs start to pull in real crowds only around 1 AM. Partying and dancing goes on till the wee hours of the morning. At Opium, clubbing is an all night affair. They have a license to be open all night, until 6am (other Barcelona nightclubs have to shut by 3am). If you plan to visit any of the popular nightclubs of Barcelona, put your name on the guest list in advance to avoid queues when you turn up at night. You can register for nightclub entry online, or by collecting a flyer in bars and some cafes dotting the beach.

If the scorching beach sun of Barcelona has had you, you can go to Icebarcelona for the night. Icebarcelona, a fashionable ice bar in Barcelona, on the beach of El Somorrostro, offers a unique experience in a modern ice interior.

Finally, you can try your luck at the best casino in Spain, Casino de Barcelona, on La Marina.

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No need to stay in a Barcelona beach hotel

Barcelona is a small city for a visitor to go around, and public transport is excellent and cheap.

Do not waste your money paying a premium to stay on the Barcelona beach. You can easily stay at an affordable place elsewhere in Barcelona, and access the beach safely at any time of day.

Font Magica, then Barcelona Beach

Watch the Font Magica show before you head to the beach. The real nightlife on Barcelona beaches starts around midnight anyway, so you can use your time to see the sound and light water fountain show at the base of Montjuic.

Tibidabo sunset, then Barcelona Beach

Go to Mirablau for the sunset and stay till the city lights up below you, watching from the large windows of Mirablau.

This bar on Mount Tibidabo has the best views of Barcelona at night, and is a must visit romantic spot of the city.

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Precautions around Barceloneta at night

Avoid walking around the beach very early in the morning hours (3-5 am) before dawn. While Barcelona is a safe city by and large, the beach and port areas do have some petty crime especially after the clubs close.

If you are out very late, move around in groups.

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