Seville Cathedral tickets - Where to buy?

What is the best way to advance book Seville Cathedral tickets? Is online booking necessary, and ticket lines long? Official website is not user friendly and only in Spanish.

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Don’t worry, there is NO NEED to book Seville Cathedral visit tickets in advance of your visit. I have taken tour groups to Seville Cathedral many times and rarely spent more than 5 minutes in the queue.

Best option for Seville Cathedral tickets is at the door

You should just stand in line for your tickets at Seville Cathedral. Tickets cost 9 euros. On most days the line is no longer than 10 minutes at its peak. And unlike other major attractions, there is no entry time to be specified for a visit to Seville Cathedral. So there is no advantage in advance booking.

Online booking for Seville Cathedral is confusing

There is an official website for Seville Cathedral but it is only in Spanish, and it is also not easy to understand. To buy tickets from this website, you must understand Spanish and you need to register first. It is not worth the effort considering that tickets are easily purchased at the Cathedral door.

How to skip long lines at Seville Cathedral?

Yes, there are a few important days during Semana Santa or the Feria, when the line goes around the Cathedral building. This could mean a 30 minute wait.

Sometimes, the ticket line at Seville Cathedral can be long!

To skip the long lines at Seville Cathedral, buy a combined ticket at Iglesia del Salvador, the beautiful Baroque church, just a short walk away from the Cathedral. This combination ticket also costs 9 euros, same as Cathedral-only ticket, but is available only at the del Salvador church.

You can enter Iglesia del Salvador and The Seville Cathedral with this combined ticket; it also allows you to also skip the queue at the Cathedral.

Skip the line Cathedral ticket - How to buy?

Ideally buy your combo ticket from Iglesia Salvador on the evening before your Cathedral visit. The Salvador church is open till 6 pm and you will never find any lines here. With the combination ticket you can visit the Cathedral on the same day or the next day.

You will easily recognize the Baroque facade of Iglesia del Salvador
  1. Go behind the orange patio of Seville Cathedral (Calle Alemanes).
  2. Walk down Calle Alvarez Quintero, a narrow lane, for 5 min to reach Iglesia del Salvador. Remember that the church is also called Divino Salvador by locals.
  3. The ticket desk is inside the church. Specify that you want to buy a combination cathedral ticket. Do not buy the Iglesia Salvador - only ticket by mistake. It costs less and does not allow Cathedral entry. (The combo ticket looks very plain, like a corner shop receipt. Don't lose it.)
  4. Visit Salvador church if you have the time OR go back to the Cathedral and skip the line.

Giralda ticket booking

The Seville Cathedral ticket always includes the Giralda climb. The combination ticket of Iglesia del Salvador and Seville Cathedral also includes the Giralda climb.

Seville Cathedral Ticket prices

Cathedral only: 9 euros, purchased only at Cathedral, includes Giralda bell tower access
Iglesia del Salvador + Cathedral: 9 euros, available only at Iglesia del Salvador, includes Giralda bell tower access.
Cathedral + Rooftop Cubiertas tour: 12 euros, includes the fantastic Cathedral Rooftop 90 mins guided architecture tour.

Combined ticket - Cathedral and Alcazar Seville?

There are no combination tickets for the Cathedral and Alcazar Seville. The Royal Alcazar of Seville is a completely separate attraction that only happens to be located near the Seville Cathedral. Tickets to the Alcazar are sold separately. But you can include the highly recommended tour of the Alcazar Royal apartments with the Alcazar ticket.

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For combined Cathedral - Iglesia tickets remember to be at Iglesia Salvador during ticketed visiting hours which start at 11am and end at 4pm. If you go outside these times you will find no ticket seller because the entrance to this church becomes free.

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