Museum of Fine arts worth visiting?

In just 2 days in Seville, is it worth going to the Museum of fine arts? How much time should we keep for this visit?

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Visit Museum of Fine Arts only if you are a fine arts fan

I only recommend a visit to this museum if you a a big fan of the classical fine arts or of religious art. In this case, the Seville museum of fine arts is is the same category along with Prado.

Home of many masters

Major artists here are El Greco, Zurbaran, Murillo, Pacheco, Velázquez, and Alonso Cano. The museum is housed in the former Merced Calzada Convent about 15 minutes walk from the Cathedral.

If you are a casual museum visitor who is more interested in Seville as a city, then it may be a waste of your time to invest here instead of so many unique things that Seville has to offer.

Check out street artists outside

The local artists outside the museum in the street are a wonderful way to spend your time instead of going inside the museum. You will be amazed at their work and might find something to take back as a memory.

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