Does Giralda need a separate ticket?

When we visit Seville Cathedral, does climbing the Giralda bell tower need a separate ticket? What is the ticket price and where to get it?

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Giralda entry is included in your Cathedral ticket

The Cathedral ticket includes entry to the Giralda Bell Tower. So you do not need a separate ticket for Giralda. You only pay separately for the audio guide.

But the Roof Tour is not included

Your entry price includes Giralda but not the roof tour. I wonder why so many visitors to the Cathedral do not know about the Roof tour. In my view, the Cathedral roof tour is a truly unique experience. It has a separate charge but it is so worth it! I recommend the roof tour to everyone.

Budget 40 mins for your Giralda visit

The Giralda climb is via a series of gently sloping ramps. So it is not strenuous compared to steps. Climbing up at a nice gentle pace, stopping along the way for views from the windows, takes about 15 minutes. The way down will be under 10 minutes for sure.

You should plan to spend 15-20 minutes at the top, admiring the gorgeous views of Seville. You will also see the Real Alcazar below, which you should visit along with its royal apartments.

Families love Giralda

When I was a child we used to race up to the top and this is a good family activity. Children enter for free anyway.

Iglesia San Salvador is also included in the price

The Cathedral ticket also includes a visit to the Iglesia San Salvador 5 minutes away. But frankly I will not recommend visiting this if you are already planning to climb the Giralda. You will not have time for everything.
(TIP - If you see long lines at the Cathedral, but your combined ticket at San Salvador church. Visit that first if you like, then come back.)

Giralda tickets and timings

  • General entry is 9 euros for all 3 visits (Cathedral, Giralda, San Salvador). Every monday 430 pm there are free audioguided tours.
  • Children under 14 enter for free.
  • Summer entry timing is 930am to 4pm
  • Winter entry timing is 11am to 5pm
  • Sunday entry timing is 230pm to 6pm
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