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I am confused; can we enter Alcazar of Seville for free at certain times? We did manage to visit Prado for free but the Alcazar website is in Spanish and also not clear about free entry timings.

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Seville Alcazar has 1 hour free entry on Mondays

Unlike other monuments and buildings in Spain, the Seville Alcazar free entry timing is very limited. And you are right, the website misses this important information.

I do not recommend planning your entire trip around this free time because it is only on Mondays; also you need more than an hour for sure, to see the Alcazar properly including the Royal apartments.

Summer Mondays are free from 6pm

(April to September) Line up at the Alcazar gates ideally by 530pm so you can enter the palace when the free entry begins at 6pm. Free visitors are limited to 750 per day and the lines move fast but why take a chance and arrive late.

My observation is that the staff starts asking people to leave a little before 7pm official closing. But in reality during the summer I see that visitors linger around much longer till about 730pm.

This means you will have 90 minutes to look around from the time you enter. Not bad, right?

Winter Mondays are free from 4pm

(October to March) Free entry starts at 4pm every Monday during the winter months. The Alcazar officially closes at 5pm in the Winter.

Some visitors have year round reduced or free entry

  • Under 16y - can enter for free all year round
  • Senior citizens and students 17-25y - highly discounted entry for 2 eu only
  • Regular entry - 9.5 euros
  • Audio guide - additional 5 euros for English audio guide

Annual closing days

Every year the Seville Alcazar is closed on 1st & 6th January, Good Friday, 25th December.

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