Seville Alcazar night visit?

We are planning a 3 days, summer trip to Seville. I am tempted to book the Alcazar night tour instead of the day tour. We want to avoid the heat with kids. What is your advice?

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Seville Alcazar night visit cannot replace the day tour

I do not recommend the Alcazar night tour unless you have already been on the regular day tour of the palace. Also, you should go for the night tour only if you have already experienced other major attractions in Seville on your 3 day trip, and have an evening to spare.

No need to worry about the heat

If it the heat you are worried during the day, you can relax. The day tour is mostly inside, apart from the gardens. And the Alcazar gardens are nice because of the trees and the shadow from the Alcazar itself.

Alcazar gardens - comfortable even in the summer heat

Alcazar night tour only covers main rooms

My biggest issue with the night tour of the Alcazar is that it only covers the main rooms of the historical royal residence. The beautiful gardens are not part of the tour and neither are the stunning Royal apartments (Cuarto Alto Real) which are really worth seeing.

The costumed guides are entertaining

The part I enjoy most is that costumed actors are in the character of one of the famous historical residents of the Alcazar eg: Isabel la Catolica, Pedro I the Cruel, or the Sultan Al-Mutamid. They stay in character from the beginning to end, narrating stories from history as you go from room to room. There is singing, dancing, and storytelling, all part of the tour.

But the program fast paced, and in Spanish

Unfortunately the actors speak only Spanish. If you understand only English, you will have an audio guide with main parts of the actors’ dialogues. But this is nowhere as dramatic as the experience of understanding the tour in Spanish.

Tickets are limited and sell out fast

If you decide to go, make sure to book tickets in advance. Only a limited number are sold every evening. There are 4 tours and each tour has only 45 places. Tours start every 30 minutes from 9pm; each tour lasts 75 minutes. Only children over 8y are allowed.

Instead, go for an Alcazar summer concert at night

For another experience of the Alcazar at night, you can attend a summer concert in the gardens. The series is called Nights in the Royal Palaces Gardens. The shows rotate every season (July to September), and every day there are different performances covering Flamenco, classical and world music, to jazz. Tickets are reasonable priced.

Consider other tours of Seville

I suggest that you also explore tours of Seville which are themed and will give you an insight into our city and history.

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Not only is it worth it, it is an amazing way of knowing this World Heritage Site, as it isn't usually open at nights, it allows us to see some of its places under a different light, giving it a magical look at night as it includes the whole Alcazar, the Palaces and the Gardens.

The 2017 edition of Theatrical Alcazar's Night Visits takes place until the 27th of October and costs 13€. If you are lucky enough to be in Seville when the night visits are available, go ahead and do the night tour because it is completely different and the weather is also not as hot at night making the visit more enjoyable.

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