Can we bike around Parque de Maria Luisa?

We like to walk and cycle around new cities. We plan to spend an afternoon at Maria Luisa Park; can we bike around? What are park timings and are there any restrictions?

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I find it very relaxing to ride along the shaded paths of Maria Luisa Park, especially in the hot summers of Seville. Biking in the park, along with the charming Seville carriage tour used to be my favourite activities with visitors to the Seville, when I was in college and working as a part time guide.

Hire a Sevici

There is a Sevici cycle station right at the entrance of the park, near Plaza de Espana. In addition, Seville bike rentals all over the city will rent bikes by the hour or by the day. You will also find bike rentals around Plaza de Espana. My suggestion is to use Sevici.

Families hire quad bikes

From the time I was a child, hiring a buggy or quad bike for 4 has been a favourite family activity at Maria Luisa Park. Bikes for 4 are available for rent at 12 euros per half hour. I want to assure you that even small children will be safe; these quads have seat belts.

Carry a map

The Park is very big so it is always a good idea to carry a map with you in case you want to find your way back to the entrance. Many visitors like to bike around and then come back to Plaza de Espana for a boat rides in the canal.

The park is safe

Obviously you should not be riding around after dark (you may get lost), but otherwise the park is safe all day long.

Free entry, long hours

There is no entry fee to Maria Luisa park and the summer hours are from 930 am to 1030 pm.

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