Star Wars Plaza de Espana

Is it true that Seville’s Plaza de Espana was a location for Star Wars film shoots? Can you tell me about some other films shot here before I visit?

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Plaza de Espana is a famous filming location

Because of its architecture and grandeur, Plaza de Espana has been the set for quite a few well known sequences.

My older cousins and uncles tell me these stories like it was yesterday. Someone or the other from my family has been to these shoots as a spectator.

Star Wars II
In Attack of the Clones, Plaza de España was used to shoot (in 2002) the exterior of Theed on Planet Naboo. The main scene was shot on the bridge, with Anakin, Padme and R2D2. In the fim, the main building has been altered digitally for effect, with domed roofs.

Lawrence of Arabia
The same location was used in 1962 for Lawrence of Arabia. It represented the British Army HQ in Cairo.

The Dictator
In 2012, a few scenes from the film The Dictator (by Sacha Baron Cohen) were shot here as well.

Simply Red
The famous song ‘Something got me started’ by the band Simply Red was shot at Plaza de Espana.

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