Seville Cathedral mass timings

I would like to coincide my Seville Cathedral sightseeing visit with attending mass. What are mass timings at the Cathedral? Is there English mass?

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Seville Cathedral mass times are confusing

My simple suggestion - Plan to be at the Cathedral for the 10am mass at the main altar. Different parts of the Cathedral have different prayer timings, as I have detailed below. Unfortunately the Cathedral website is in Spanish and also not very clear.

Monday to Saturday timings

Altar Mayor: at 10am (except July and August).

Royal Chapel: The schedule starts at 830am. The next timings are 9am, 12 noon, and finally 5pm. In the summer months of July & August there is no 5pm mass. On Saturdays there is a 8pm schedule instead of 9am.

Parroquía del sagrario: 1230pm, 7pm, 8pm (except July and August).

Sunday mass timings

Altar Mayor: 10am, 12noon, 1pm (all year round).

Royal Chapel: 830am, 11am, 5pm, 6pm (July and August do not have evening mass)

Parroquía del sagrario: 1130, 1230, 7pm, 8pm (except July and August).

Tips to attend mass at Seville Cathedral

Over my years of observation I have a few things to suggest to you before you decide to attend mass.

Mass visits are free but short

I would say it is a great idea to attend mass for free and get a chance to look around the Cathedral while you are seated. However soon after mass all worshippers are ushered out. If you want to properly see the Cathedral it is better to buy a ticket upfront.

Observe the dress code

There is no formal dress code but I suggest reading this post and being careful about what you wear to the Cathedral for mass. The worshippers all dress up. And while you are a visitor, you should not stick out too much.

Mass is serious, and in Spanish

Unlike churches in other countries or in larger cities, the priest in Seville Cathedral here is quite serious. You should not expect any jokes or laughter during the service.

And the mass is only in Spanish. I would suggest that you should go for the atmosphere more than the content of the sermon.

Plan a longer visit around mass

Make sure to plan your mass visit in a way that you also visit the Cathedral properly. I strongly recommend the roof tour after mass. Many visitors have told me that they find the roof tour better than the climb of the Giralda.

Dos and Don’ts during mass

  • Photography is prohibited during all services; don’t even try to get your phone or camera out.
  • Pay special attention to the organ player. The experience of listening to the sound is magnificent.
  • Observe the local residents; you will get a very good feel for the piousness of my Catholic community in Seville.
  • Confessions are at the same time as mass.
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