Seville cathedral dress code

How strict is the dress code at Seville cathedral

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What does the Seville Cathedral website say?

The Seville Cathedral website does not outline any dress code. Visitors to the Cathedral also say there is no strict dress code.

But do not take a chance

My advice is simple; you should not take a chance. Always dress conservatively while you are inside any religious building in Spain. After all you are coming to visit from far away and you should not run the risk of being tuned away. The pictures here will show you that in reality visitors do pay attention to dress respectfully.

Dress advisory for Men (simple)

Regular everyday clothing is just fine to visit Seville Cathedral. My only suggestion to you is:
- Do not wear vests with bare shoulders.
- Do not wear shorts which are too short.
- Do not wear a hat or cap inside the cathedral.

For women (not so simple)

Women must follow all of the rules above that are listed for men.
- In addition, women are strongly advised to avoid wearing skirts above the knees. Even if you decide to wear a skirt on a hot summer day, carry a wrap or cotton shawls in your handbag so you can cover your legs if the authorities decide to enforce the code that day.
- Do not wear sleeveless tops, ideally. If you must wear sleeveless tops because the rest of the day is going to be too hot, then have something to wrap around your shoulders for the Cathedral visit.
- And definitely do not show your midriff under any circumstances.

Yes, I can see what you are thinking and you are get away easier than women when it comes to dress code at the Seville Cathedral, as in most places like with the Sagrada Familia dress code for example.

Dress respectfully

Also be respectfully dressed for the Roof Tour

Even if you are visiting as part of the highly recommended Roof Tour or to climb the Giralda, you should keep the dress code in mind. After all, your tour entry will be through the main building.

Be extra careful at mass

If you plan to visit during mass or prayer timings, you should be careful as the authorities are likely to enforce the code during those timings. Mass timing at Seville Cathedral is 8am; prayer at the Royal Chapel is at 830am.

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Seville Cathedral is not just a monument but a place of worship.

As with most christian monuments in Spain, dress code is not strictly enforced in Seville Cathedral. However, you are expected to avoid shorts and wear long trousers. Women must cover the tops of their arms.

If you intend to attend the mass, please dress conservatively.

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