Best beachfront hotels in Barcelona

Which are the most affordable beachfront hotels in Barcelona?
Ideally we would like to book a hotel near Barcelona beach, with a rooftop pool and bar, and other such amenities.

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An affordable tariff for a beach front hotel in Barcelona is an oxymoron.

Of all Barcelona hotels, beachfront hotels in Barcelona do command a premium.

Posh hotels on Barceloneta
You can consider the following options instead of beachfront hotels in Barcelona

Barcelona beachfront Apartments instead of beachfront hotels

Look for oceanfront apartments or vacation rentals. There are many accommodation sites dedicated to helping tourists find short term rentals in Barcelona. These include:
- Habitat Apartments
- Oh-Barcelona
- Barcelona Apartment
Filter the listings on the above sites for hotels with beach access.
Apartments may not have the same amenities as hotels. Do not expect a rooftop pool with a bar.

Head to Sitges

Consider Sitges and not Barcelona, as your base station.

Tariff of beach hotels in Sitges is lower compared to the tariff of oceanfront hotels in Barcelona.

By train, Barcelona is only 40 minutes from Sitges. Trains to Sitges from Barcelona run approximately every twenty minutes. Actually, you do not have to limit your choice to Sitges, it can be any beach town near Barcelona

Curated list of beachfront hotels in Barcelona

If you have to stay in a hotel, use this list compiled by The Telegraph - "The best Barcelona hotels near the beach"

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Short-term vacation rentals are available in the Barceloneta area, either with oceanfront views or with the beach at a 10 minutes walk. While Airbnb lists non scrutinized apartments, most of the Barcelona-specific rental accommodation websites mentioned by snowflake list legal and scrutinized apartments.
A legal apartment must be registered. Vacation rental site must list the apartment details of registration, for example : HUTB-123456).
1. You can contact with your requirements, they will find the best rental in your budget. Highly recommended by Rick Steves in his book

2. If you are looking for a list of budget hotels near Barcelona beach
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If you forget affordability, Hotel W Barcelona is the best choice amongst all beachfront hotels in Barcelona. Hotel W is Barcelona's most distinctive hotel with an A-list clientele and A-class amenities. Hotel W sits right at the water's edge. Every room offers amazing ocean views. Also, it is the only hotel in Barcelona with direct beach access.

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Just to set right your expectation on beach hotels in Barcelona

  1. In Barcelona, there are no real beach hotels. Except for Hotel W, no other hotel has private beach area or dedicated chaise lounges.

  2. If you stay at any of the beach hotels [including the expensive Hotel Arts], you have to pay rentals for chairs and umbrella.

  3. If you are looking for a beach holiday, do stay at beach resorts near Barcelona. You can visit Barcelona as day trip over two days.

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