Vizcaya bridge visit plan

I want to visit the Vizcaya bridge in Bilbao. How many hours are needed to visit from Bilbao centre, and how to get there? Is there anything around the areas that is also interesting?

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To visit the Vizcaya Bridge from Bilbao center, it will take about three or four hours. It is possible to go by bus: it leaves from the center of Bilbao and has a stop at the Vizcaya bridge. You can also go by metro. The journey time is about 20 minutes.

The Vizcaya bridge was built to transport things from one shore to another. Once you arrive at the bridge, you can cross to the other shore in the hanging basket (gondola) of the bridge, since it joins Portugalete with Getxo. The rides take place every 8 minutes and are less than 2 minutes long.

It is also possible to visit the Bridge and walk across, at a height of 50 meters. The price is 8 euros.

The visit is well worth it as they give you explanations about its construction and the truth is that it is very quirky. Once there, you can visit Getxo, with its old port and its cliffs. It has a beautiful promenade by the sea and the beach of Ereaga, very crowded in summer and full of walkers.

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