Shopping in Basque Country?

Besides souvenirs, what is there for shopping in the Basque region? Where should I go in Bilbao and Sebastian?

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In Bilbao, it is possible to acquire numerous souvenirs and gifts. A prominent place is undoubtedly the store La Bendita located on the side of the Cathedral of Santiago, in the Old Town. This establishment offers delicatessen products typical of the Basque Country, which you will love like preserves, such as the northern bonito or anchovies of the Bay of Biscay, also caramels of Malvavisco de Santiaguito, asparagus, native cheeses, Carranza pastas, breads and pastries Artisans, txakoli, patxarán, chillies, jams and handmade honey, foie gras, patés ...

If what you fancy are delicious sweets, then you have to visit Martina de Zuricalday shop in Plaza San José de Bilbao where you can buy delicious homemade cakes. Take a look at its magnificent showcase. It's all delicious.

In Gran Vía street, all the fashion companies where you can buy clothes, shoes, handbags ... Bilbao is a city where you dress very well, so if you like fashion, take a walk around this central street the city. At the beginning of the Gran Vía street are the department stores El Corte Inglés, well known throughout Spain, where we can buy everything.

For football lovers, there are the official stores of Athletic Club de Bilbao where we can acquire everything related to this equipment.

In the Bilbao Museum of Fine Arts Shop, you can find cheap gifts such as postcards, pictures, books, stationery and many other items related to the city of Bilbao.

Likewise, it is important to highlight the Guggenheim Museum store inside the museum, where it is possible to buy stationery, jewelry, accessories, material related to exhibitions, books, etc.
Personally, I would prefer typical products of the country like a good cheese and a bottle of wine.

San Sebastian

In San Sebastián, the street Avenida de la Libertad is the main street of the city where we will find most brand stores. I advise a walk along this avenue and along Calle San Martin. In this whole area you will find the most exclusive shops of the city.

But it is also possible to find numerous gift shops such as handicrafts, ceramics, postcards, books, jewelry, etc.

As for sweets, the tiles and cigarettes of Tolosa (a confectionary product) have been made for many years by the Pastry Eceiza, as well as the Basque cake, or the delicious pantinineta.

On the French side in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, the main street called Rue Gambetta is very famous for its local products shops such as sheep's cheese, bayonne ham, pate, duck confit. But if what we like is sweet, the numerous ice cream shops on both sides of the street are spectacular, not to mention confectionery where the specialty is undoubtedly the Basque cake and almond macaroons.

Idiazabal Cheese is a Basque specialty. It is a hard cheese with a smoky flavor. Have it with red wine or dry cider.
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