What are unique Basque souvenirs?

What should we buy as souvenirs from our Basque country visit? Where can we buy these?

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Practical suggestion on Basque souvenirs

Buy souvenirs that are very Basque and not easily available outside.

Must Buy

This wine is consumed within the region and it is very difficult to find outside, even in the rest of Spain. Buy a case for shipping, a good bottle costs as less as 10 euros.
Txikito glass
Definitely something to take back, it is very unique and sire to be the centre of conversations with friend.
A lauburu necklace is uniquely Basque; it immediately identifies itself as special.

The Alboka - animal horn wind instrument - is becoming popular again!

Do not buy

Basque cider is best consumed fresh, in season, in a cider house. You cannot replicate that experience at home. Do not buy bottled cider to take back.

Food can get bad during travel. Enjoy Idiazabal while you are in Basque country, and take back the memories instead. Also many countries have customs issues with brining in food.

Pelota equipment
A pala bat or even a pelota ball is not that attractive ads a souvenir; a pala is also too bulky.

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If there is one thing to buy from Basque country, it should be “txapela” hat or beret, the traditional Basque headwear.

Available in any Basque traditional clothes shops, txapelas can be expensive, but are very Basque!

Basque Gastronomic souvenirs:

The Idiazabal Cheese is the best cheese from the Basque country, it is strong, so if you like strong cheeses you’ll love it. You could buy it anywhere really.

A special slightly sparkling, dry white wine from the Basque Country.

Cider! It is produced almost totally on Gipuzkoa, so if go there you should buy some to take home.

Rioja Alavesa Wine:
If you end up going to Elciego or Laguardia be sure to buy some bottles of Rioja wine!

The strong liqueur with the flavour of sloe berries is served as a digestive, chilled or on ice. It is easily found in stores and any bar.

Basque Cultural souvenirs

As I said, it is the most significant wear of our Basque culture. Web page
Address: Bidebarrieta, 3, 48005 Bilbao ( Casco Viejo )
The shop above has a really broad collection of souvenirs.

A piece of cloth we put around our necks whenever we have a typical fiesta on a town or city. They are easily found on local shops wherever you go, for example:
Kukuxumusu shop: Calle Mayor, 15, 20003 San Sebastián, Guipúzcoa

It is a musical instrument made out of an ox horn, you need a great set of lungs to play it. Web page
Address: Oria etorbidea 10, local 303, 20160 Lasarte-oria. Gipuzkoa

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Advice on Basque souvenirs

Idiazabal Cheese route - a unique day trip

Discover the history and origin of Idiazabal on the cheese route along the GR-283. This is a mountainous, circular walking route in 6 stages, each taking a day.

Txikito glass - easy buy!

Buy the authentic Txikito glass which is used to drink wine along with pintxos at bars. It is worth spending 20 euros or more to buy the original, real glass.
How to identify a good Txikito glass?
Make sure the Txikito glass is short, thick, and heavy. It weighs at least 600 grams. Buy the real thing. The legend is that the glasses were originally meant to be candle holders.


Buy an aerator called an ascanciador as a souvenir. This will bring out the real flavors similar to when cider is poured straight into the glass from the barrel at a cider house.
How to enjoy cider the right way
- The best time of the year to drink cider is during the harvest season, January to April. This is when it is fresh.
- Pour cider straight from the barrel and from a height so the cider hits the bottom of your glass. This releases the fresh flavors.
- If you are is Astigarraga, visit the Sagardoetxea Cider Museum. Fee is 4 euros and includes tasting. Go before your cider house visit and you will appreciate the cider better.

Pelota souvenirs

Buy a Pala bat or a Pelota ball, sporting souvenirs of the Basque traditional sport. Be sure to buy the traditional handmade bat made of beechwood and the ball of leather.

Basque clothes (practical)

A typical Basque striped jersey is a good, practical souvenir to buy on your trip. If you are from a cold place then consider the Mendigoizales jacket.

Personal souvenirs - Lauburu and Eguzkilore

If you are looking for something personal, look for Lauburu or Eguzkilore souvenirs. A popular item is as pendants on necklaces.

Lauburu is the rounded Basque cross.
Eguzkilore is the Basque sunflower thistle, to keep away evil spirits.
You will see Eguzkilore on many doors.
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