Which are the recommended Hamams in Seville?

Should I go to a Seville hamam, which are the best and how much do they cost? Do locals also go to hamams in Seville or is it a tourist trap?

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The 2 well known hamams in Seville are Aire de Sevilla and Medina Aljarafe Baños Árabes. My friends and I also go to hamams for special occasions (or we gift treatments for Valentine’s day or Mother’s day); so it is not like a tourist thing at all.

Because Seville involves a lot of walking, ending the day with a hamam treatment can be quite relaxing.

Even locals go to hammams in Seville
Some special treatments are like “Noches de Sevilla” in the Aire de Sevilla hamam; this is at night you can take a bath overlooking the Giralda, with a glass of cava, in a special bath area. This is quite late though at 11pm and another session at midnight.

The average cost is between 30 and 50 euros, but some special sessions can costs as much as 250 euros.

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