Which Bilbao food markets to visit?

Are there local food markets worth visiting in Bilbao? Can we try street food?

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La Ribera Market

You should visit the La Ribera market (Erribera Street) in Casco Viejo on the banks of the Nervion river. You can buy fresh food but you can also go to the terrace where there are pintxo bars.

Of course being in Bilbao, fish and seafood is the most common in La Ribera. But you will get enough meat and vegetable stalls also. The locals don’t mind but many visitors may find the smell of fish very strong.

Apart from the food, the architecture and the art deco windows of the La Ribera market building are beautiful. The windows have stained glass panels; they flood the entire market with light.

La Ribera is not like a food market in Barcelona or Madrid where there are many tourists. The market has elevators and lots of clean toilets, a sign that is is mainly regular residents who use the market.

It is the largest covered markets in Europe. For us, Mercado de La Ribera is our regular market and the train station is next door making it easy to reach the market.

Food stalls and food trucks

If you come around before Christmas (22-24 of december) Santo Tomás is celebrated in Bilbao, and all around the center of the city there is traditional street food, "Talos" for example, a corn flour tortilla filled with all sort of things.

But apart from that there is not a big culture for street food in Bilbao. They have some food trucks some weekends in the city and in the nearby towns, but these are not common.

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