Is Alcazar and Cuarto Real Alto ticket worth?

Is the combined Alcázar + Cuarto Real Alto ticket worth buying? Is the timeslot valid only for entry to the place or is to visit Alcazar?

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Prices for general tickets

  • Price for general ticket to Alcazar - € 9
  • Combined Alcázar + Cuarto Real Alto - €14

Yes, I think it's worth it as the private Royal Apartments of the Royal Family is not something you can see very often. And the Mirador de los Reyes Católicos offers one of the best views of the entire Alcazar. King Don Pedro's bedroom is also beautiful.

If you purchase a combined entrance Alcázar + Cuarto Real Alto (Royal Apartments) ticket, the time set at the entrance is for access to the apartments. You need to arrive 15 minutes before the time on your ticket. The access to the Royal Apartments is from a different zone than the rest of the Alcazar. Access to the Alcázar is by the Puerta del Leon (Lion Gate). You can show your ticket on the mobile (if you have bought online) but I would recommend carrying a printout as well.

Cuarto Real from below (no photos allowed inside)
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