Seville horse carriage tour

Is the horse carriage tour worth taking in Seville? Where should we hire the tour and what is the route?

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Yes, take the ride in the horse carriage even if it sounds like a typical tourist thing to do. This way you get to see the best parts of Seville. For example this carriage ride is better than taking tour bus because the carriage will actually be able to take you in pedestrian areas where the tour bus cannot reach.

The carriage can be hired either from the Seville Cathedral or in Plaza Espana. You can also hire from the Torre del Oro near the river .

It is a looped route and runs through the following attractions of Seville: Torre del Oro - Palacio de San Telmo - Parque de María Luisa - Plaza de España - Plaza de América - Royal Tobacco Factory - Hotel Alfonso XIII - Cathedral - Archivo de Indias


  • You should negotiate the exact tour and timing with the coachman
    BEFORE leaving.
  • The typical tour for the entire loop lasts between 45 and 60 minutes
  • The normal rate is 45 euros for the carriage. Semana Santa week is 50
    euros and Feria de Abril is 95 euros!!
  • Capacity is 5 people maximum, with the 5th seated next to the
    coachman (children love this)!
  • Take the tour early in the morning (no crowds and less heat) or in
    the late afternoon (no heat).
  • Just avoid the tour in very hot summer weather, you will not enjoy
    the trip in the hot sun.
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