Best beaches in San Sebastain

What are the best family friendly beaches near San Sebastian to visit? We want to see the best beaches but also want to surf, if possible.

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The best beaches of San Sebastian

All the beaches of San Sebastian are very close to each other, so if you are a beach person you can easily visit them all.

Playa de la Concha

la Concha beach is the perfect city beach
You can never miss going to La Concha, the shell-shaped urban beach of San Sebastian. This beach is almost a mile long and its waters are very calm and shallow, making it ideal for the family and children.


The beach of Ondarreta, with a length of 600 meters goes from the gardens of the Miramar Palace to the Paseo Eduardo Chillida. It is basically an extension of La Concha and ends with the famous Peine del Viento sculptures. It is also a quiet and peaceful beach.


La Zurriola beach is an 800 meters long surfing beach located in the Gros district, on the other side of La Concha. In the area closest to Mount Ulia, there are waves, which is why it is the favorite beach for surfers. The walk of La Zurriola is full of shops for renting surf equipment and learning this sport.
Surf School Recommendation: Zurriola Eskola Surf

Santa Clara

The Santa Clara island is in the bay of La Concha and the beach is visible only at low tide. It is usual for young people to reach the island of Santa Clara by swimming, older people and kids like to take the boat.

Hendaye (30 minutes away in France)

If you are up for traveling a bit, Hendaye is just 30 minutes away and has a wonderful 3 km long beach. It is famous for water sports and because the beach is so huge, you can be with a crowd or alone as you feel like doing.

Zarautz (20 minutes away towards Bilbao)

The beach of Zarautz is another very important holiday destination of the Cantabrian coast. If you are going to Bilbao you can stop by.

French beaches

Finally, the French coast also enjoys numerous beaches, such as the famous beach of Biarritz, the one of San Juan de Luz. I have to say that the French Basque coast has a coastline with more than 70 kilometers of beaches: Capbreton, Hossegor, Mimizan.

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