Sagrada Familia towers worth it?

Having been reading mixed reviews about the Sagrada Familia tower tours. Should we buy the ticket that allows us to climb up the towers in Sagrada Familia? Is the tour of Sagrada Familia towers worth the extra time, money and effort?

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Yes! Sagrada Familia Towers visit is definitely worth it.

I have no hesitation in recommending that you buy a ticket that includes a visit to the Sagrada Familia towers. Most visitors, like you, have this question and I give them the following reasons.

Going up the towers is worth your money

You pay just € 7 extra on top of the regular audio-guided tour to visit one of the two the towers of Sagrada Familia. Of course you need to choose which tower to go up. Both are great and this excellent post here explains why the Nativity Tower is the better option.

The towers visit is quick and worth the time

It takes less than an hour for a relaxed and detailed visit to the towers of Sagrada Familia. Many visitors are surprised to know this because they assume that a long visit might not be worth it. Even with 40 minutes you can have a good tower visit.

The views and architecture details also make the towers worth it

More than the views of Barcelona from the towers (which are great), visitors love the design details you can see from the connecting bridge, up close.

There is no effort in going up the towers

The elevator takes you up the towers, whichever tower you decide. There are some lines at times but no bottlenecks.

Climbing down is easy and worth the effort

Yes, you have to climb down the tower but for normally healthy people it is worth the time and slight physical effort.

So I see no reason why you should skip the towers visit unless you plan on coming to Barcelona again soon, or if you are in Barcelona on a very rushed visit this time.

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In short, the answer is a resounding yes. You must opt for the tour of Sagrada Familia towers.

Why visiting the towers makes sense

It is only 7 Euros extra

Tickets for visiting the towers are not included in the basic ticket. You need to buy the “Top Views” ticket which includes Audio Guide and visit to the towers.

  • Just plain entry - €15
  • Entry + Audio guide - € 22
  • Entry + Audio Guide + Towers - € 29

You pay an extra of only €7 for visiting the towers.

Towers are the star attraction

When Gaudi designed the church, the towers were indeed the highlight of the design. Going all the way to Sagarada Familia and not going up the towers is like going all the way to Paris and not going up the Eiffel Tower!

Gaudi envisioned 18 towers of which only eight are completed
Of the completed towers, there are four on the Nativity facade and four on the Passion facade. You can visit towers of either of Passion or Nativity facade.

You do not have to strenuously climb up the towers. You take the elevator to reach to the top. However, you have to walk down the stairs that are designed to resemble a mollusc.

Spiraling Stairs - Interesting and not tiring

Climbing down the stairs with rails on one side and a steep drop on the other is thrilling and not necessarily tiring. As you climb down, you can take small breaks on the little balconies designed by Gaudi. These little balconies are great for high up selfies and also to admire the detailing that has gone into the towers.

Not just for views of Barcelona

The motivation to climb up the towers is to get a better understanding of Gaudi and have a close up view of the details of this masterpiece. If your motivation to climb the towers is only for unbridled view of Barcelona, you will be disappointed. For the best view of Barcelona, go up behind the Parc Guell to the three crosses. The view of Barcelona is extraordinary from three crosses. From the towers, the view of Barcelona may not be extraordinary but the overall experience is exhilarating.

You only need 45 minutes

If you are going for the towers, you have to specify the time for tower visit at the time of booking tickets. I would suggest pre noon or evening timeslot is ideal. In any case, the entire visit of the tower – from the ride on elevators to climbing down the stairs takes less than an hour. You should complete the tour of the towers in 45 minutes.

The tallest religious tower

As most are aware, Sagrada Familia is an unfinished building though it is more than 100 years old. As you climb the towers, you can see the work in progress. When ready in 2026, Sagrada familia will be the tallest religious structure in Europe. Going up the towers mean, you are witnessing history in the making.

I do not recommend the climb for those who are old or have some cardiac complaints. For a person in an average health condition, it is not strenuous at all.

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