Boqueria or any other food market?

I have heard La Boqueria is now a tourist trap. Is there a recommendation to visit any other Barcelona food market?

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La Boqueria is still an excellent food market

Barcelona’s iconic Boqueria market might be touristy and crowded, but it has its own charm and history of 800 years. La Boqueria gets mobbed because of its proximity to Las Ramblas.

If you want a less touristy experience of La Boqueria, go there for breakfast by 8am.

For a less-touristy experience of a Barcelona food market, consider visiting Santa Caterina food market.

Santa Caterina food market

Santa Caterina food market is close to Barcelona Cathedral. Santa Caterina market is possibly the most beautiful food market in Barcelona, thanks to the colorfully painted waves on its rooftop.

Unlike La Bouqueria, Santa Caterina food market has more local people shopping at the market than tourists.

The quiet atmosphere of Santa Caterina food market makes it wonderful to walk around. You can take your time, taking in the displays of meat, seafood, fruit, cheese, candy, salt and spices; and locals haggling and shopping.

There are 4 tapas bars within Santa Caterina. I would recommend Bar Joan. They serve light tapas at the bar, and full meals at tables.

I recommend the monkfish and seafood Paella or mussels and black rice at Bar Joan. The food is nice with lovely flavour, all at very affordable price. Finish it all off with a lovely coffee.

Santa Caterina food market is a great alternative to La Boqueria, with a more local flavor.

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Go early!

Go to Boqueria but go very early in the morning at the opening time of 8am. This will make sure that you will see mostly locals who are doing their daily shopping and also this will help to avoid the tourists who come in after a late breakfast.

Make sure to try the fresh fruit juice in Boqueria. And before that, start early and go to see the sunrise from at Barceloneta.

Santa Caterina is nice but Boqueria is enough if you get the timing right.

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Fira Artesana

Also known as "the market of honey", here you will be able to find the best honeys to buy as a souvenir. They are all organic and made by producers in the area, so the taste is very good. Homemade desserts and cakes are also sold.
The market is held the first Friday and Saturday of each month in Placa del Pi of the Gothic Quarter

Palo Market Fest

This "market" is not only gastronomic, you will also find spaces dedicated to art and contemporary fashion. The gastronomic part is formed by 30 food trucks with a multitude of eating options.
It takes place from 28 to 30 April in Fabra i Coats (to get there you can take the L1).

Mercado de Hostafrancs

It is one of the oldest markets in Barcelona (1888). It has more than 60 gastronomic establishments and even a supermarket. There are activities of all kinds, from Castanyada (All Saints Day and Autumn celebration) to small plays.
It is located on Carrer de la Creu Coberta in Sants-Montjuic.

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