How much to budget for a day in Seville?

As a couple traveling to Seville how much should we budget to spend on our holiday? We are not luxury seekers but a clean and safe hotel is important. We like to eat well and for sure will have a few drinks in the evenings.

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As a couple in Seville, expect to spend approximately 160-220 euros a day including accommodation. Here is a quick guide to give you an idea of costs in Seville

  • Accommodation - € 60-120
  • Food and Beverages - € 35 each
  • Transportation - € 10 each
  • Attractions entry fees - depends

Seville accommodation budget (60-120 euros)

LIke many smaller cities in Spain, it doesn’t matter where you stay in Seville. You can assume that a convenient mid range place to stay will cost between 60 and 100 euros a night.

I can recommend Hotel Amadeus as it is excellently located in the Barrio de Santa Cruz and has a very nice decor, inspired by music. It is housed in an old palace house from the 18th century. It has a spectacular terrace and affordable average price.

Hostels are cheaper of course (30-35 euros a night per person); I recommend the Hostal Museo. It is next to the spectacular Museum of Fine Arts. You can stay in a house from the 19th century and from 30-35 euros per night. I know the rooms are nice and clean, and the location is also very good as it is close to the Plaza de Armas station.

There is also a hostel that is considered one of the best in Europe. It is called The Rooftop Band and has a spectacular terrace with views. It is run by a group of friends, and there is usually live music. A very quirky hostel!

Seville food and drink budget (35 euros each)

Breakfast (5-7 euros each)
The typical breakfast is tostada with Iberian ham, a coffee and a natural orange juice. Also churros with chocolate are very typical. For the best churros with chocolate I recommend the "El Comercio" bar in Lineros street, around 5-6 euros. In "Abacería Tendido 11" you can eat a very complete and economic breakfast (between 4-5 euros). Calle Canalejas.

Lunch and Dinner (8-12 euros each)
"Clorofila" in Santander street, opposite the Torre del Oro, is a spectacular restaurant, with tapas very avant-garde food at very affordable prices (tapas for 4 euros and half portions for 7-8 euros). The decor is amazing and the cocktails too. I recommend the quince and cheese croquettes! If you like Japanese food, I recommend the restaurant "You Sushi" menu of the day. It is very complete and the prices are very affordable (at 7 euros). It is located on Calle Santa María la Blanca.

Drinks (4-8 euros each)
In the Alameda you can find mojitos for 4-5 euros, of different flavors (melon, watermelon, mango, etc.). Usually the drinks in Seville are around 6 euros.

I personally recommend the local "Le XIX", a modernist bar with spectacular cocktails that are around 7-8 euros. They usually have swing music or jazz background. It is open until 2 o'clock in the morning. It is located on Tomás de Ibarra street.

Seville transport costs (walk around + 10 euros)

Frankly you should just walk around Seville; it is easy. If you want to use public transport and taxis, then I would say the maximum you will spend is 10 euros a day.

Bus, tram and taxi - The bus has a price of 1.40 euros per trip and person. I assume that every day the bus will take a minimum of 4 times (counting a round trip). Maybe as a tourist you want to ride the tram at least once to tour the center of Seville (1.45 euros). The taxi costs an average of 10 euros if you want to drive downtown. I think that with 40-50 euros for three days can move well with the local transport.

Bikes - You can rent a Centerbici or Sevici bike for 12 euros a day or 19 euros for 2 days. You can also rent by the hour at as low as 3 euros for 2 hours.

Seville attractions entry fees

Depending on the attractions you are interested in and the time you go, the fees will change.

My personal cost saving ideas

  • My partner and I have a bonobús with transshipment (the ticket is a bit more expensive than the normal bonobus), but sometimes we go to places that are further away and we have to take more than one bus. We saved two trips with this mode of bonobús.
  • If you are staying longer there are more discounted cards, for example the "card 5" for the cinema, that if you buy it, all the movies will cost you 5 euros. There is also the Fnac membership card, which assures you 5% on all purchases.
  • We usually buy ground coffee at Starbucks, because they give you a card for a free drink.
  • If you want to eat in an authentic Chinese restaurant I recommend "Qi lin ke", you can eat a lot for 10 euros per person (and even for less). It is not very well-known, only by the people of Seville. Calle Marqués de Pickman.
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You should be very comfortable with a budget of 180 euros a day, everything put together.

180 euros will be able to afford comfortable, clean, safe and convenient accommodation, 3 good local meals, a couple of drinks each, and leave a respectable amount for attraction fees and a small souvenir.

Don't bother about transport money in Seville. Just walk, that is the best way.

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I have given you a list here of the top Seville attractions and the entry fees.

Entry fees

  • Seville Cathedral - 9 euros
  • Giralda - 7 euros, Sunday is free.
  • Plaza Espana - Free
  • La Torre del Oro - 3 euros, the audio guide is 2 euros.
  • Alcázar of Seville - 9.50 euros + Royal Apartments 4.50 euros.
  • María Luisa Park - Free
  • La Maestranza (Bullring) - depends on the fight or the museum.
  • Casa de Pilatos - 8 to 10 euros.
  • Palace of the Dueñas - 8 euros, Mondays from 4pm is free.
  • The Museum of Fine Arts - 1.5 euros and free for EU citizens.
  • Metropol Parasol - The viewpoint (roof) is 3 euros with a drink. Antiquarium is 2 euros.
  • Royal Tobacco Factory of Seville - Free
  • General Archive of the Indies - Free
  • Costurero de la Reina - Free
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How much to budget for Seville?

That depends on how many days you plan to stay in Seville. In my opinion, you need a minimum of 3 days for Seville. As a couple, we spent around $200 per day (and we do not count every penny).

So, I would say that you need around $600 to plan a comfortable trip to Seville.

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