Traditional Catalan restaurants in Barcelona

Which are some of the best Barcelona restaurants to try authentic Catalan cuisine in a traditional environment?

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Best restaurants for Catalan Cuisine in Barcelona

  1. Restaurant Ca l'Isidre

    Ca l'Isidre is known for its authentic and incredibly delicious Catalan fare. Their endorsement comes from no less than the Spanish king.
    You can read a review at Fodors.
    Carrer de les Flors, 12, 08001, Barcelona El Raval

    +34 934 41 11 39    Website

  2. Restaurant Can Culleretes

    Any list of traditional restaurants in Barcelona is incomplete without the mention of Can Culleretes, Barcelona's oldest restaurant (since 1786) serving Catalan traditional food. Their 1786 special menu celebrates authentic Catalan recipes handed down over generations.
    Read a review at Afar.
    Carrer d'en Quintana, 5, 08002, Gòtic Barcelona

    +34 933 17 30 22    Website

  3. 7 Portes

    A classic restaurant founded in 1836, 7 Portes has hosted luminaries like Dalí, Picasso and Miró. Even the legendary revolutionary Che Guevara dined here. Go to 7 Portes for Catalan paella and fish, served in a retro ambience with live piano music.
    Read this review at Frommers.
    Passeig d'Isabel II, 14, 08003, Barcelona

    +34 933 19 30 33    Website

  4. Casa Jordi

    Casa Jordi is known for traditional Catalan cuisine served in a decor that resembles a Catalan country house.
    Read a review of Casa Jordi at Time Out.
    Passatge de Marimon, 18, 08021, Barcelona City Center

    +34 932 00 11 18    Website

  5. Restaurant Can Lluís

    Can Lluís is a charming restaurant with a long history of serving traditional Catalan cuisine, without flourishes.
    Read this review at Time Out.
    Carrer de la Cera, 49, 08001, Barcelona El Raval

    +34 934 41 11 87    Website

  6. Can Cargol

    A rustic restaurant serving authentic Catalan cuisines, at Can Cargol they cook most of their food in a traditional way on charcoal. The specialty at Can Cargol are the snails.
    Calle Valencia, 324, 08009, Barcelona Eixample

    +34 934 58 96 31

  7. Can Ravell

    Can Ravell is a popular traditional restaurant operational since 1929. The menu at Can Ravell is brief, consisting of four starters and four main dishes selected by the chef that day after a visit to the market.
    Read this review at Frommers.
    Carrer d'Aragó, 313, 08009, Barcelona


  8. Can Josep

    Can Josep is a family run restaurant serving excellent traditional dishes.
    A good review spotted in spottedbylocals.
    Carrer de Roger de Flor, 237, 08025, Barcelona

    +34 630 81 65 65

  9. Petit Comitè

    As per MICHELIN Guide, "This contemporary restaurant is decorated with lots of dishes. The focus is on local cuisine prepared using Spanish ingredients, including enticing themed daily specials."
    Personally, Petit Comitè is my favorite to try traditional food in Barcelona.
    Passatge de la Concepció, 13, 08008, Barcelona Eixample

    +34 936 33 76 27    Website

  10. Taverna El Glop

    A lively neighborhood taverna located near the Palau de la Musica Catalana, Taverna El Glop is known for their set lunch meals, complete with wine served in the traditional "porron".
    Read the lonely planet review.
    Carrer de Sant Lluís, 24, 08012, Barcelona Gracia

    +34 932 13 70 58    Website

  11. Los Caracoles

    Los Caracoles is a traditional restaurant known for their snails - even down to the snail shaped beer tap. In case, I forgot to mention, the name, Los Caracoles, means "snails" in Spanish.
    Do not make any assumption on the size of the restaurant based on the size of its entrance. The small entrance leads to labyrinth of rooms, which can indeed get confusing.
    Carrer dels Escudellers, 14, 08002, Barcelona Barri Gothic

    +34 933 01 20 41    Website

The simple Esquixada salad is a delight
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My observation is that tourists come to Barcelona with a 3 day itinerary. During those 3 days, they should consider having a lunch and dinner at some of the traditional restaurants of Barcelona listed above.

For lunch, Can Culleretes is excellent. Their set 'Menu of the Day' is elaborate and at €35 for two, it offers excellent value.

For dinner, make a booking at Restaurant Ca l'Isidre.
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You must know these terms for Catalan coffee. Food is important but you will drink coffee many times in Barcelona while walking around.

Cafè americà is the same as an Americano (hot water added to espresso) and is called Café americano in the rest of Spain.

Cafè amb llet is equal parts espresso and milk. In the rest of Spain it is called Café con leche.

Cafè sol is just an espresso shot, also called cafe solo in the rest of Spain.

Cigaló is espresso with alcohol (Baileys or Rum are popular additives); it is called Carajillo in the rest of Spain.

Tallat is like a macchiato (espresso with a dash of milk). In the rest of Spain it is called Cortado.

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Catalonia is proud of its Modernista heritage and its unique take on Mediterranean cuisine. While in Barcelona, you can experience both at Restaurant Galaxo, housed in the first floor of Hotel Casa Fuster 1908, a heritage Modernista building designed by Lluís Domènech i Montaner.

The set-price lunch at Hotel Casa Fuster 1908, called 'Modernista set-price lunch' is recommended for experience of enjoying Mediterranean Catalan cuisine within a true Modernista building. Menu at includes delicacies of Barcelona like Marinated salmon (with creamy bergamot and cava gel), Fricandó Vermouth and Catalan Cream. A good deal at 40,00 € per person.

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