When to visit Basque country?

When is the best time of the year to be in Basque country and why?

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Unlike the coastal regions of Costa del Sol, it is not picture perfect weather that you will come across in Basque country. It is either rainy or cloudy for nearly 200 days in a year. The best time to visit weather wise would be Mid-April to August; however, expect hordes of tourists in popular places like San Sebastian.

San Sebastian beaches gets crowded in summer

If you do not like to get wet avoid the winter months of December to February when it rains heavily in the region.

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The best time to visit Basque is in the summer or autumn.

The summer weather is great and Autumn has festivals. Specifically I would recommend coming in July-August, so you can enjoy the good weather, and the local festivities.

The best festivals times in Basque country are:


You can choose between festivities in San Sebastian (August 12-19 this year), Vitoria (August 4-9 this year) and Bilbao (August 19-27 this year); if you stay long enough you can visit them all.


Around September (the dates vary) there’s a festivity in the Rioja Alavesa region to celebrate the wine harvest, it is called “Fiesta de la Vendimia”. It takes place in a different town every year and there you can try the wine of every town! There is lots to eat and you can buy traditional souvenirs.


Santo Tomás in December a great festivity because you have loads of little markets around Bilbao. You can get really good fresh and organic vegetables and fruits, apart from special food like Pastel Vasco and Talos.

Weather alert!

It rains all the time in here at Basque country. To be honest, chances are you are going to find rain anytime you come. But the weather is perfect in the summer and everything is beautiful in autumn.

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Important events in Basque country


Where : San Sebastian
On January 20th at midnight, crowds pack Constitution Square, where the mayor raises the city’s flag to start 24 hours of non-stop drumming.

July - Fetes de Bayonne

Where : Bayonne, French Basque country
The biggest festival of France attracting more than a million visitors. It all starts when the festival’s mascot, King Leon, throws Bayonne’s city keys from the town hall balcony down to the crowds below. This ceremony kicks off the 5 days and nights of non-stop partying, dancing, firework dodging and sangria drinking alongside some of the most delightful creatures France has to offer.

July : The bull run in Pamplona

Where : Pamplona

Each July, thousands arrive from across the world in Pamplona from July 7-14 for the San Fermin Festival in Pamplona. The key highlight is of course the famous bull run.

August : Virgin Blanca Festival

Where : Vitoria-Gasteiz
Festival of fun and gaiety where party-goers make their way through the streets of the old town, asking for buckets of water to be thrown onto them

August : Semana Grande

Where : San Sebastian
During the week of August 15, from Saturday to Saturday, Semana Grande is celebrated with all pomp and glory in the streets of San Sebastian. The festival culminates with the famous international firework competition that lights up the Concha Bay.

September : International Film Festival

Where : San Sebastian
One of the most prestigious and internationally recognised film festivals hosted in Spain.

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