Barcelona sights that need advance booking

For my upcoming trip to Barcelona, I am booking tickets for the main sights in advance. Is there a single website from where I can buy advance tickets for all important attractions Barcelona?

I notice that I need to specify a visit time in advance, for many Barcelona attractions. What is the best time slot for each main Barcelona attraction?

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There is no single portal where you can book tickets to all important Barcelona attractions in advance.

I have tried to compile a list of Barcelona attractions with links to their official sites, where you can book your ticket in advance.

Also added are details like :
- whether you need to specify date and entry time in advance, at the time of booking your tickets.
- ideal time slots for each Barcelona attraction, or such useful information.

Barcelona attractions that definitely require advance booking

La Sagrada Familia

Parc Guell

  • Official site for booking
  • Need to specify entry time during booking.
  • Ideal time to visit: Early Morning.
  • Visit La Sagrada on the same day as Parc Guell.

Picasso Museum

Casa Batllo

  • Official site for booking
  • Open ticket possible with premium.
  • Choose one : Casa Batllo OR La Pedrera
  • Two Gaudi buildings on the same visit can be overwhelming!

La Pedrera

Palau de la Musica

  • Official site
  • Book concert tickets in advance.
  • It is worth watching a concert at Palau de la Musica. Check if there is a flamenco show being staged.

Camp Nou

1. You can combine La Sagrada and Parc Guell on same day. Start with Parc Guell and walk downhill to La Sagrada passing through the homely neighborhood of GrĂ cia.
2. El Xampanyet is a famous restaurant, just down the street from Picasso Museum. Combine your visit to Picasso museum with lunch at El Xampanyet. Book both in advance.
3. In my observation, tourists are happy to see either Casa Batllo or La Pedrera. Visiting both, especially on the same day becomes an 'overdose' of Gaudi.
4. Camp Nou tours are not available on match day. Check for availability of Camp Nou tours in advance, on the date of your visit.

Book La Sagrada Familia 3 months ahead
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ONLY Sagrada Familia needs advance booking

You should always book only the attraction that you cannot leave the city without seeing. And in Barcelona that means book only Sagrada Familia.

For the other places, I recommend keep your flexibility. If you don't get an immediate ticket either wait in line or go to another attraction. In my experience you will not need to wait too long except for Sagrada Familia.

Park Guell - Go in the morning. You may be able to get in for free into the Monumental Zone. If not, at least you will be early in line for tickets.
Picasso Museum - Avoid weekends, you will get a ticket with a short wait.
Casa Batllo - Try to get tickets when you arrive. If it is too busy (only in the summer) I would not go in, just see from the outside.
La Pedrera - same as Casa Batllo (though here it is easier to get tickets)
Palau Musica - you can get a tour during the day without advance booking. If you need to wait just hang around the streets nearby there is enough to see.
Camp Nou - I am not a football fan, so I can't advise you here.

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