Best bars in Girona

What are the best places in Girona for a drink? I do not want to end up at a place full of tourists so give me some options.

Recommended answer

The Plaça de la Independencia is perfect to enjoy some drinks and feel the atmosphere of the city in full simplicity! Here you will never go wrong but on the other hand you can expect tourists to hang around as well.

Pl. Independencia has a great mix of locals and visitors
I would say go to Carrer Figuerola; a better option to be away from the tourist crowd. It is a long road with a series of bars, with a different style for everyone. There, I would mention the Avbeure Cerveses Artesanes as one of my favorite one ! Catalan, local, homemade beer.

Some of my favourite Girona bars

  1. Catalano Taverna :

    This is a casual place to have a nice beer on the terrace! It is close to Parc Devesa.
    Plaça de la Independència, 11, 17001, Girona, Spain

    34 972 21 95 24

  2. Cerveseria El Primer Glop

    Same casual style as Catalano Taverna and only 5 minutes way on foot, but on the other side of the river where the Cathedral and old city is.
    Carrer de la Barca, 23, 17004, Girona,Spain

    +34 647 43 08 38

  3. River Café

    Located behind the Cathedral, the terrace is impressive with the views of the river.
    Carrer de la Barca, 2, 17004, Girona, Spain

    +34 972 22 82 45

  4. Yeah Indie Club

    A relaxed and more alternative atmosphere in the center of Girona.
    Avinguda de Ramon Folch, 9, 17001, Girona, Spain

    +34 667 49 45 23

  5. Salero

    Perhaps the most fashionable place in the center of Girona, with commercial music and people of different ages.
    Carrer D'en Francesc Eiximenis, 14, 17001, Girona, Spain
  6. Casino Girona

    very close to the Yeah Indie Club and with a nice outside terrace where you can sit down for drinks during the summer evenings.
    Avinguda de Ramon Folch, 3, 17001, Girona, Spain

    +34 972 41 42 19

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