HolaBCN or Barcelona T10 card?

Are HolaBCN and Barcelona T10 card the same? If not, which Barcelona transport card should I buy?

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Both HolaBCN and Barcelona T10 are transport cards for Barcelona. But they differ significantly in their price and benefits.

HolaBCN Card

  • HolaBCN Card is a transport card aimed at tourists coming to Barcelona.
  • It includes unlimited journeys on Barcelona public transport over 2, 3, 4 or 5 consecutive days on a single ticket.
  • HolaBCN card includes the airport metro service.
  • It is a personal card. This means that if there are 2 persons in a group, you need to buy 2 HolaBCN cards.
  • a 2 day HolaBCN costs 12.60€

Barcelona T10 Card

  • Barcelona T10 Card is also a transport card, aimed at both residents of Barcelona as well as tourists coming to Barcelona.
  • It includes 10 journeys on the Barcelona public transport system.
  • T10 is a multi user card. So if there are 2 persons in a group, one T10
    card is enough for 5 journeys by 2 people.
  • Barcelona T10 card does not include travel on the airport metro.
  • A Zone 1 T10 card costs around 10€.

Why is T10 card better than Hola Card?

Cost per journey is €1 with a T10 card.

The T10 is a better choice
Cost per journey is €1 with a HolaBCN card only if each member of the group undertakes 6+ journeys every day.

Considering that Barcelona is a compact city with most attractions clustered around the city center, it is unlikely you will end up with 6+ journeys in a day.

Thus, Barcelona T10 card is the preferred transport card for tourists visiting Barcelona.

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Close your eyes and go with a T10 card in Barcelona. T10 is more practical then HolaBCN in Barcelona.

I like T10 for unlimited validity and because T10 is shareable.

Buy T10 card in Barcelona unless you plan to spend the entire day, every day, traveling on Barcelona public transport.

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The best option is the "Hello BCN" card if you stay in Barcelona for about 5 days, since you have unlimited trips that can be used in the metro, bus, tram, train and includes a ticket to the airport. Worth about 30 euros but worth it.

There is also the "T-10" card which is the most used by the people of Barcelona, includes 10 trips for less than 10 euros.

A trick; You can get discounts from the official site of the tourist office.

Airport to City Center

To go from the airport to the center of Barcelona there are several options:

• Cab. Minimum 25 euros, as it is at a distance of 30 minutes.
• Bus. It costs 6.50 euros and for Plaza Cataluña. This is my recommendation.
• Metro. It takes an hour to arrive and is worth 4.50 euros.

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