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Planning a day trip to Girona from Barcelona. What is there to see and do in Girona?

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What to see and do in Girona

Start at the centre of Girona, Plaça de la Independencia and walk to the Cathedral.

Plaça de la Independencia is the town center. In any other Spanish city, it would be called Plaza Mayor

On the way you will see the brightly painted houses along the river onyar, coloured in the Catalan flag colours.

The colorful houses is the most memorable and popular image of Girona.

Girona sits on the confluence of four rivers and hence you will see numerous bridges. One of the bridges is designed by Gustav Eiffel and has a similar metal grid design to the Eiffel Tower.

Beautiful small bridge designed by Eiffel, right in the middle of Girona

The Cathedral of Girona is very imposing and has many styles. The Gothic nave is almost as large as the one at St. Peters in the Vatican.

Cathedral's huge Baroque facade acts as a guide as you walk around Girona

During the reign of Islamic rulers, the Cathedral was converted to a mosque, like so many in the rest of Spain. Today at the base of the Girona cathedral, you will find the Arab Baths which dates back to the period of Islamic occupation.

Medieval bath and spa complex at the base of the cathedral

On the walls of the cathedral, you will find many interesting gargoyles. The most interesting one is that of a stone Witch which appears to come straight out of the wall. There is an interesting local legend of how a witch was turned into stone!

This is a unique among the gargoyle as it has a human form

Around the cathedral, you must visit the streets maze of the Jewish quarter. Girona was once home to a large Jewish community but they were expelled from Spain in 1492.

The Jewish quarter at Girona is well preserved and definitely worth a visit.

Dinner at one of world's leading restaurant

Eat at Roca, one of the best restaurants in the world. Ideally, make a reservation for dinner, the food and the art of presentation are both world famous. The place has Michelin stars if you bother about those things.

You can easily get back to Barcelona even after dinner. There are over 30 trains.

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I recommend the below visits ONLY if you have time or interest in Jewish history.

Jewish History Museum - Get an insight into the life from the days when the community thrived here and also learn about astronomy and medicine from those times. The Jewish History Museum is on Carrer Força. Personally I would skip the museum if you are here only for a day.

Torre de Gironella - Behind the cathedral is a hilly area with the old Girona castle from Roman times, and tower. It is only a 5 minutes walk but it is uphill. The Jewish community took refuge here for 4 months after many were killed in a moneylending dispute. This set the stage for the expulsion of Jews from Girona.

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Girona is great as a day trip from Barcelona. I suggest you hire the services of a local guide. I recommend this operator as I have had a positive experience with their tour. They can customize the tour based on your requirements

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Spend time in El Casco Antiguo, the old neighbourhood surrounding the famous Cathedral. This charming neighborhood has winding streets and corners, with quaint bars and restaurants full of the town's residents.

Walk through the tall trees of Parc de la Devesa; a quiet place sheltered from the heat. This is where you will see families and children relaxing, and walking their dogs.

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