What is Girona famous for?

What does Girona have of interest, is it worth it for a day trip excursion from Barcelona? We want to experience the culture and feel of a small town in Catalunya.

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Girona as a day trip

Girona is a popular excursion from Barcelona. Girona is only 100 km from Barcelona, well connected by AVE trains. There are plenty of things to see and do in Girona. Here is a perfect one day itinerary.

Girona as a stand alone destination

Girona is an excellent destination not just for a day trip but as a stand-alone destination that merits a stay of at least two nights. There is lot to see around in the Girona province after you are done seeing Girona city.

La Bisbal

Bisbal is one of the leading pottery centers in Spain.
La Bisbal is only 30km from Girona and is famous as a main pottery and ceramics centre in Catalonia.


Pals is an ancient village but it was here that the CIA installed the world’s most powerful radio station. It is 45 minutes from Girona.

Besalu village

Besalu village on the foothills is also a short 30 minute drive away. Plan to see the Jewish quarter and have lunch in Besalu. Stop at the large Banyoles lake on your way to Besalu. Make sure to walk around the lake (1 hour) and have breakfast here.


Olot is an hour away from Girona, and is famous for its many volcanoes. You can trek all the way up the Montsacopa volcano (closest to the town) and even descend into the crater. Other volcanoes in the area are Santa Margarida and Croscot. The entire area has many old volcanoes. Obviously they have not been active for centuries.
Pubol is only 30 minutes from Girona. It is only famous for the Dali museum where Dali and his wife Gala lived, but never at the same time. Gala is buried here. Now the castle is Gala-Dalí Castle House Museum. Pubol is one of the 3 legs of the Dali Triangle along with Cadaques and Figueres.

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Girona is great as day trip from Barcelona

Girona is a great place for a day trip, with many interesting things to see and do at Girona. I would rate Girona higher than Montserrat.

Girona is a surprising for everyone, including Spanish people. If you want to see real local Catalunya culture you must visit Girona. You will notice that in Girona, it is truly Catalan that is the first language; and Castilian - what everyone calls Spanish - is the second one.

Girona’s history includes impressive Roman, Arabic, and Medieval heritage which you can see in the well-maintained architecture of the city center. It is also one of the richest cities in Spain with a quality of life one of the highest of the country.

It is easy to walk around all of Girona. This way is also a nice way to see the surprising variety of design, independent and handicraft shops. You will pass small trendy places to enjoy an organic cake, a nice coffee, or where you can totally enjoy a real Catalan dish.

Reaching Girona from Barcelona

Take the AVE train
It is less than 40 minutes from Barcelona to Girona by the AVE high speed train. Tickets cost 14 euros. Board the train at Sants station in Barcelona. Slower Media Distancia trains take about 100 minutes from Barcelona to Girona but they cost less.

By road
There are bus services that can take 2 hours to get to Girona from Barcelona Nord bus station. If you are driving, you can reach Girona in about 75 minutes via the AP-7 road.

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