Where to buy T-10 at Barcelona airport?

Where can we buy the T10 card at Barcelona airport? Is T10 valid on the airport metro? We are a couple and it will be cheaper to take the train from airport to Barcelona city, than a taxi.

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If you are looking to buy T10 card at the airport, I presume you are looking to use it to reach Barcelona City Center. It is a smart choice as it is only €1 from airport to city centre using T10card.

Where to buy T10 card at Barcelona Airport?

  • If you are planning to take Bus to Barcelona city centre ( TMB bus N46 OR Night service N16 and N17) buy your T-10 card at the tobacconist at Level 1 arrival area. It is hard to miss this shop
  • If you are planning to take the Renfe commute train (suggested option), then buy single zone T-10 card at the RENFE airport train station in Terminal 2B. You have dedicated orange ATM boxes at T2 Rodalies train station vending the T10 card. Remember, it is 4 Kms from Terminal 1 to 2, but you can use the free airport shuttle bus to terminal 2.
  • Remember, you cannot use T10 card on Airport metro service or even on the Barcelona Airport Express Bus.
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Buying T-10 transport card in Barcelona Airport

In Terminal 1 of Barcelona airport, you can buy the T10 card at the tobacconist shop. This is the only place in Terminal 1 that sells the T10 card.

In Terminal 2 of Barcelona airport, you can buy T10 coupons at the entrance of Rodalies de Catalunya commuter train station.

Please note that currently you cannot buy T10 coupons online.

Travelling to Barcelona city centre from Barcelona Airport using T10 coupons

  • Airport Metro : T10 coupons are not valid on Metro L9 Sud [airport metro] . Also, Line L9 Sud does not go very centrally. You would be better to use the Renfe Airport train, Bus 46 or, perhaps, Aerobus.
  • Aerobus : T10 cards do not work on Barcelona Aerobus. You will have to buy separate ticket.
  • Regular Airport Bus : T10 coupons can be used on the TMB No. 46 Airport bus and the Airport NitBus N17. These buses start from both T1 and T2 terminals. Travel time from Barcelona Airport to Plaça Catalunya by bus is around 35 minutes.
  • Renfe Airport Train : T10 coupons can be used on the Renfe airport train. This is the cheapest option for travel to Barcelona city center; and it costs only 1€ with a T-10 transport card. Renfe Rodalies airport trains start from T2 terminal. Take the free shuttle from Barcelona T1 terminal to T2 terminal (a 10 minutes ride, shuttles run every 4 minutes). Travel time from Barcelona Airport to Passeig de Gràcia is 26 minutes by Renfe Airport Train.

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At Barcelona airport T-10 is available only at 2 points.
- Terminal 1 tobacconist at Level 1 arrival, public area.
- Terminal 2 entrance to Rodalies commuter train station

Buy the T-10 for Zone 1; it covers all major attractions. Read this useful information on how to use T-10.

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Zone Map of Barcelona TMB

Note that the airport and city are in Zone 1
All major attractions are in Zone 1
Sitges is in Zone 3

So if you decide to buy a T10, just buy for Zone 1

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If you want to buy T-10 card at the Barcelona Airport, it is reasonable to assume you plan to use the same to travel to city centre.

Using T10 card you can reach Barcelona city centre either by TMB bus 46 (Not Aerobus) or Renfe Rodalies airport train (starting from terminal T2)

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