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T10 card for travel in Barcelona public transport - 5 best answers | Barcelona Forum

T10 card for travel in Barcelona public transport

Where to buy T10 tickets?
How much does a T10 ticket cost in Barcelona?
How to use a T10 ticket for travel in Barcelona public transport (mainly metro trains)?

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What is T10 card?

T10 card is a prepaid transport card that can be used for 10 journeys across Barcelona using any of the following public transport:
- Barcelona local TMB buses
- Night Buses
- Barcelona Metro
- Commuter Train
- Funiculars (Tibidabo and Montjuic)

T10 is a multi user transport card

T10 is a shareable public transport card. This means one person can use a T10 for 10 different journeys within Barcelona. Or 2 people can use it for 5 journeys each.

For instance, at the metro station, the first person will open the turnstile and then pass the T10 card to the second person to use the card.

Similarly, on the Barcelona bus, you will have to validate your T10 multiple times, once per person in your group.

How much does Barcelona T10 card cost?

Price of a T10 increases with the number of Barcelona public transport zones that are covered by the card. For an average tourist, it is ok to buy a T10 ticket for only Zone 1. A T10 card for zone 1 costs only €9.95.

Where to buy Barcelona T10 tickets?

  • Barcelona Metro Stations - You can purchase the T10 public travel ticket at the ticket vending machines, available at entrance of all metro stations in Barcelona. You can also buy them from the manned ticket offices at the metro stations.
  • Barcelona City - Outside of Barcelona metro stations, T10 cards are sold at select tobacconist shops.
  • Barcelona Airport - If you would like to know where to buy T10 cards at the airport, refer this topic.

You must purchase your T10 Ticket before you board the bus or metro in Barcelona.

How to use the T-10 Card in Barcelona's public transport

Metro Stations: Place the T-10 card on the turnstile such that T-10 logo faces you.
Bus : T-10 readers are placed in the gangway of the bus [near the driver]. Note : you cannot buy T10 transport ticket in the bus.
Note: every time you board a public transport vehicle, you will have to validate your T10 card as explained above.

Can we use T10 card to travel from BCN airport to city center?

You can use it on

  • RENFE train from Barcelona airport to the city centre.
  • TMB No. 46 Airport bus and the Airport NitBus N17.
  • CANNOT be used on the airport metro
  • CANNOT be used on the aerobus service

How much do you get charged?

It is not that you get charged every time you use the T10 card.
You can change up to 3 times to different means of public transport within Barcelona (for instance, you can change from bus to metro), to continue your journey within 75 minutes from the first validation of your T10 card.

You will need to validate the T10 card each time you change public transport, but it is intelligent enough to charge you as per usage.

Again, when you change from one line to another in the Barcelona metro, it is not counted as 2 trips. Your entry and exit at the turnstiles is what counts for the T10 card.

Most visited Barcelona attractions and T10 metro zones

  • Sagrada Familia - Zone 1
  • Park Guell - Zone 1
  • Camp Nou - Zone 1
  • Barceloneta - Zone 1
  • Montjuic Castle - Funicular from paralel to montjuic [ Zone 1]. Pay separately for cable Car. Alternately take bus 150 to castle [ Zone 1]
  • Tibidabo - Zone 1 [ Funicular]
  • Colonia Güell - Zone 2
  • Sitges - Zone 3

You can get the Zone Map here

Barcelona metro network is efficient and cheap
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T10 is sold at all metro stations, tobacconist shops, and at the airport. It is not sold inside the train or bus, online or at roadside bus stops.

A T10 for Zone 1 costs 9.95 eu for 10 trips. Zone 1 covers all attractions for a typical visitor. The card can be shared by people traveling together. A T10 is better than the HolaBCN.

My personal view is that walking between attractions is not only possible but also more fun in Barcelona.

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You can do without a T10 card in Barcelona.

Barcelona is a walkable city, with great sights all around you. The best way to get around is to walk. You will be surprised at how rarely you need to use public transport in Barcelona.

If you are healthy and generally fit, getting around Barcelona by walking is my suggestion.

Just buy individual journey tickets whenever you must make a trip by public transport.

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T10 Card for Zone 1 costs  €9.95.
If you are not a solo traveler and stay in Barcelona for at least two days, you will easily exhaust T10 Card.
Tourists are better off buying T10 card than by not buying them
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Do NOT use RENFE from Airport to Barcelona City

Make sure to take the TMB metro and not the RENFE from Barcelona airport to the City.

This is because the airport is in Zone 1 of TMB city transportation map, in the same zone as Barcelona city centre. So tickets are only 1 Euro.

However in RENFE Spanish train network map, the airport is in zone 4 and the city is in Zone 1; this makes the same trip much more expensive (4 euros) by RENFE.

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The T-10 pretty much works for anywhere relevant for a visitor to Barcelona. Technically it is valid within Zone 1 but even the airport and all major attractions fall under zone 1 so you are good! Availability is easy at metro ticket machines, cigarette shops (tobacconists), and other kiosks. T10 can be used on bus, metro, and commuter train networks including Rodalies R2 Nord commuter train from the airport (but not metro L9 Sud).

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