Madrid to Seville via Cordoba?

Madrid to Seville via Cordoba? Is it advisable? Can we visit Mezquita at Cordoba as a stop-over trip? Please share any tips or suggestions

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Take AVE fast train

Leave Madrid in the morning, the high-speed AVE train takes less than 2 hours to Cordoba. You can be in Cordoba by 8am, be done visiting the Cathedral and back at the station by 2pm to catch your train to Seville. You can easily be in Seville by 230pm with a long enough day ahead.

Renfe AVE makes it easy to visit Cordoba
You cannot break your journey on the Madrid to Seville ticket. Be sure to buy separate tickets - Madrid to Cordoba, and Cordoba to Seville. You can buy tickets on the spot but for best discounts, book tickets in advance online.

Left Luggage

Use the luggage lockers located directly opposite the train station and next to the bus station. (Phone: +34 957 282 077 / 629 851 240). At the Mesquita, they do not allow even small suitcases inside.

Cordoba station to Cathedral

You can take a taxi to the Cathedral if you are in a group. Or take the bus (Bus # 3). Both are cheap and either way, you will be at the Cathedral-mosque in 15 minutes or less. You can even walk to the cathedral and take a taxi back to the station. It is a pleasant walk from the AVE station to the mosque-cathedral. The route passes through a garden called Jardines de Victoria. It takes almost the same time as taking a taxi or bus. And this way you will get to see the town from another perspective.

Opening Hours of Cordoba Cathedral

  • Monday-Saturday : 8:30-19:0
  • Sunday 8:30-10:30 and 14:00-19:00
  • Free entry for the mass (between 8.30 and 9.20 am Monday to Saturday)

Entry tickets to Cordoba Cathedral

  • Entry fee € 10 + €2 for the bell tower
  • The audio guide is a must and costs € 3.50
  • There is no need to book in advance. You can buy the ticket from the teller machines where the lines are short.
  • Do climb up to the top of the Cathedral Bell Tower for great views of the Cordoba city. Tours are organized in batches of half an hour.
  • Free entry for the mass from the north gate between 8.30 to 900. Be there early as they will herd you out at 0920. Also, no audio guide is available when the cathedral is open for the mass. Read about the monument beforehand here
    -Official Website

Important tips

  • Córdoba is one of the hottest city in Europe. Do wear a hat and do not forget high SPF sunscreen.
  • Dress code: Remember to cover your shoulders or they won't let you in(especially for the mass).
  • If you have time, walk over the river via the Puente Romano (the Roman Bridge). The views of the ancient city are spectacular.
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Great idea! You should stop for half a day at Cordoba on your way from Madrid to Seville. In about 5 hours you can see all there is to see in Cordoba.

Budget for 3 hours to visit the Cathedral Mosque Mezquita, have a meal and walk around the area. Visit the Jewish quarter and the Roman bridge. There is really nothing more in Cordoba that you need to stay longer for.

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