Prado official guided tours?

I am told there are many unofficial guides who accost us on entry at Prado. Are there official guided tours in Prado?

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There are NO official tours run by the Prado museum.

But at the ticket office, you will be able to hire Prado licensed guides who are qualified and knowledgeable about the Prado and its exhibits.

The Prado licensed guides are associated with APIT (Asociación Profesional de Informadores Turísticos), the licensing body for Madrid guides.

They can be contacted at +34 915 421 214 to book tours based on your group needs. APIT covers Madrid museums, some major sights and main destinations outside Madrid as well.

Booking licensed guides for your Prado visit

In case you have a Prado advance reservation, you contact the APIT and you give them the scheduled time and they will meet you there. Without advance reservation, you just tell them the time you’d like to go and they’ll meet you at the entrance (you should get there earlier to get in the line and they'll meet you at the door or inside). I recommend to make an advance reservation especially if you are traveling during season or on a weekend.

Prado tour duration and price

The Prado tours guided by APIT guides last 90 minutes, and the tour ONLY covers Spanish artists’ masterpieces. The price is always per group, whether you are 2 or 30, it’s the same: 125 + 21% VAT Mon to Fri, 155 + 21% VAT on weekends.

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We hired a guide and we were not satisfied with the tour. In my opinion, The Prado tour provided by APIT guides is always the same and they don’t “customize” anything for your group or for your interest.

So if you are with children and you want something child friendly, then APIT might not work for you. Similarly if you want more than Spanish art to be covered, look for another tour.

My suggestion : Skip the tour guides at Prado. The audio guide provided by the Prado is good enough and for children there is also a child friendly guide.

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Try the Prado official app

You can download it for free, but to make it useful, you need to pay €5,99

The app offers 5 thematic routes, I selected the 50 masterpieces routes and was impressed by the details offered in the app.

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