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We are senior citizens and would like to visit Prado multiple times over our 3 day stay in Madrid. Can we visit Prado multiple times with Art Ticket? If not, which is the best ticket that allows multiple visits?

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The Art Pass allows ONLY ONE visit per museum covered, including Prado. You cannot visit Prado with the Art Pass across different dates.

If you want to make multiple visits to Prado on your trip, then buy the 22 euro pass that allows 2 visits on different dates. This pass is valid for 1 year.

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Everyone with a valid ticket can make multiple visits to Prado on the same date. For example you can decide to enter in the morning, come out for lunch or for a rest and then go back in the afternoon with the same ticket. A visit on a different day needs a new ticket.

For senior citizens (65 years and above) who want to visit Prado more than once on different days, the best option is to buy the reduced price ticket for 7.5 euros each time they want to visit.

For adults under 65 who want to make more than one Prado visit, buy the "2 visit ticket" for 22 euros. This will save you 8 euros on the normal entry price.

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If you are planning to stay in Spain for longer and planning to see other museums around Spain, then buy the annual national museum membership card for 36 euros. This allows you to visit many national museums all across Spain, for 1 year.
Useful Prado ticketing information:

  • Regular entry - €15
  • Reduced entry - € 7.5 (for 65 and older)
  • 2 entries in one year - €22
  • Art Walk Pass - €28
  • Annual Museum Card - €36
  • Free entry - under 18 and students 18-25 with ID
  • Free Hours - From Monday to Saturday 6pm – 8pm / Sundays and holidays
    5pm – 7pm
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