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Madrid Travel Pass Reviews - 4 best answers | Madrid Forum

Madrid Travel Pass Reviews

Is Madrid travel pass worth it? Are single journey tickets or another option better than Madrid travel pass?

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Simply put,
Buy the Zone A pass. This covers all major attractions. If you plan to go outside Madrid (day trips) then buy the Zone T pass.

Madrid has a complicated travel map and zoning system. Here are the things to know that will help you simplify your choice.

Zones in Madrid

Minimum (core) coverage is Zone A - Covers all of municipal Madrid and includes every major attraction in Madrid

Maximum coverage is Zone T - Covers surrounding areas of Madrid

The in-between Zones - You can assume that in between zones are not relevant for most visitors

Your Madrid travel pass choices are:

  • Zone A pass (unlimited rides 1,2,3,5 or 7 days)
  • Zone T pass (unlimited rides 1,2,3,5 or 7 days)
  • Metrobus pass (10 rides without expiry)
  • Single fare tickets
    (scroll down for pricing details)

If you plan to travel in metro Madrid

Buy the Zone A pass. This covers all major attractions. 99% of all visitors should be perfectly happy with this option.

If you plan to go outside Madrid (day trips)

Buy the Zone T pass. This will take you all the way to popular day trip excursions. The Zone T pass will include travel to Toledo, Segovia, Ávila, San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Chinchón, Aranjuez and Alcalá de Henares.

Occasional use of public transport

Buy the Metrobus 10 tickets pass for Zone A. And remember that Madrid attractions are all very close to each other, so you can actually see most of Madrid by walking.

Families with children under 12 yrs

Within Madrid travel - Buy a Metrobus 10 for adults and Zone A pass for kids who get a 50% discount. For kids, the Zone A Travel pass is a better deal than using up Metrobus pass rides (they are same price for all ages).

Around and outside Madrid travel - Buy the Zone T pass for all members.


Children under 4yrs travel free all over Spain. Under 12 y get a 50% discount except on Metrobus pass.

Airport travel

All options above include travel between the airport and city. However neither option includes the airport shuttle bus.

Important Madrid travel pass notes:

  • Metrobus 10 tickets pass can be bought without personal ID, while Zone A and Zone T passes need personal IDs to be shown for each.
  • Metrobus pass rides can be shared across users while Zone A & T passes are linked to a single person.
  • On weekends and fiesta days you can carry on your bike on the metro, for free


  • The Metrobus 10 ticket rides are valid for 10 journeys.
  • Zone A or T passes expire at 5am on the morning after the last date. This allows you to use night travel options to the airport or station when you leave Madrid.

Madrid Travel pass prices

Single rides
Adults €1.50

Metrobus 10
10 rides - €12.20

Zone A
1 day - €8.40
2 days - €14.20
3 days - €18.40
5 days - €26.80
7 days - €35.40

Zone T
1 day - €17.00
2 days - €28.40
2 days - €35.40
2 days - €50.80
2 days - €70.80

Madrid transport zones

All major attractions are in Zone A

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You do not need a travel pass in Madrid

In my opinion, I don’t see it necessary. Madrid is a city that is perfectly walkable, all there is to see is within walking distance. Even with the unlimited rides the travel pass offers, there is no way it makes sense to buy it.

If you don’t like walking at all, I would purchase a 10 ticket pass instead (12,20 euro, valid for 10 rides in all the city metro and bus services).

If you finally decide to buy a travel pass, it will depend on how many days you plan to stay in Madrid. And then you should choose between the passes available.

Maximum walk is 20 minutes

The maximum walking time is 20 minutes to go from one major attraction to the next. The farthest attraction would be the Plaza de Toros, which is a 35-40 minute walk from the very center of Madrid.

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Review of Madrid Travel Pass

Madrid Transport Pass is a personal, non-transferable ticket allowing an unlimited number of trips on any mode of public transport in Madrid for 1, 2, 3, 5, or 7 days as per the value of the ticket.

  • The travel pass includes travel by Metro (no need to pay the Airport supplement fee), Bus transport except Airport line, and by RENFE between the stations of Cercanías that are included in the zone.
  • You can buy one for zone A which practically cover all of Madrid, or for zone T which covers Community of Madrid including services to Toledo.
  • If you buy a Pass for Zone T, you could use it for your trip to Toledo, though it could work out very expensive if you bought it only for that reason.
  • The costs for Zone A pass (1,2,3,5,7 days respectively) are 8.00 euros, 13.40, 17.40, 25.40 and 33.40.
  • Children under 11 years of age have a discount of 50%. Also children under 4 travel free on Madrid public transport.

At the moment, it is not possible to buy Madrid Travel Pass online. You can buy it at the kiosk in the airport or in any metro station. The pass is delivered as a wallet with useful maps of public transportation in Madrid.

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It is not worthwhile to buy Madrid Travel Pass. Madrid is a very compact city where practically all the sights are within walking distance. Of the primary attractions, you need public transport to visit only Santiago Bernabeu and Las ventas (the bullring).

Buy the 10 trip ticket

Instead of Madrid Travel Pass, you can buy the 10-trip ticket at 12.20 € that can be used by up to 10 trips for 1 passenger or any combination up to 10 trips. The 10-trip ticket is a multi-user card. With the 10-trip travel, there is a 3 € supplement per person to enter or exit the airport from the metro station. Outside of this, you can use the T-10 trip card for any metro or bus.

For an average tourist, it makes more sense to buy Madrid 10-trip ticket rather than Madrid tourist pass.

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