Madrid Club charges and dress code

Are cover charges high and dress codes strict in Madrid clubs? Not too fancy and not too expensive is what we are looking for on our evening out in Madrid.

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Madrid Club Charges

Here is a useful article that suggests affordable (sometimes free) and happening places for every day of the week.

If you are smart, you do not have to break your bank to have a good time at Madrid

Dress codes for popular night clubs

1. Teatro Kapital
This is the most hip of all Madrid nightclubs frequented by expats and international tourists. Kapital Club is strict with their dress code, wear the dress you would wear for a special occasion.

2. Gabana Nightclub
Again, dress like you would dress for the Oscars! The bouncers will evaluate you like the paparazzi on the red carpet.

3. Joy Eslava
Dress in smart casuals. Avoid shorts and flip flops.

Teatro Kapital is my favorite nightclub
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Madrid has a diverse and exciting nightlife all over the city. Some of these most upscale clubs in Madrid are where celebrities go, and you should make sure you don’t turn up without a reservation.

My top 3 trendy clubs in Madrid


Located in a trendy hotel of the most fashionable Salamanca district in Madrid, Gabana is exclusive and has many private areas. The service is probably the best that any nightclub has in Madrid.

Buddha del Mar

This Balinese style Asian inspired location is a restaurant - lounge - nightclub combination, open all night and if you are lucky you could spot a serious celeb here on most nights. For me the Orientalist theme and food is a major reason why I like Buddha del Mar.

Teatro Barcelo

The highly exclusive VIP section of Teatro Barcelo is the place to be seen at in Madrid! This 30 year old club is located in the historical city center. It used to be called Pacha when it opened 30 years ago. Dress well and be prepared with ID, entry age is 23 and over.

What to wear

Typically you should be fine with dressing casually for Madrid nightlife, but for these clubs it may be best to go posh! Check their rules in advance. Make sure to read this post about dress codes. And remember, always wear nice shoes to clubs, it helps the bouncer decide whether to let you in!

Singles in Madrid nightclubs

As with most places, single men will find it more difficult to enter than single women! Going in pairs is easier. Make sure you dress well, and arrive with a reservation.

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Relax! There are fantastic Madrid clubs for different tastes and budgets. Dress codes are rarely a problem. But some places you should book ahead (check in advance).

Madrid club cover charges

Some of the more famous nightclubs (like Gabana) have a cover charge of around €17 to 20. Other clubs priced similarly are Teatro Kapital, Fabrik, and Joy Eslava.

For a more laid back club like Ocho y Medio, that ticket may cost 12 euros. Other clubs priced similarly are Mondo and Moondance.

Madrid club dress codes

Dress codes will vary from nightclub to nightclub, but most nightclubs will prefer you to wear pants and a shirt that fits properly. The more casual simply require that, for both men and women, you look presentable and are sober enough to walk in under your own willpower.

The more expensive clubs, like Kapital and Gabana, will require nice pants and shoes, and a button-down shirt. Women also will need to be in heels and nice skirts and tops.

Madrid night club timings

Madrid nightclubs come to life much later than in other big cities, and stay open later. If you show up to a large club around 1 AM it will almost certainly be empty. The bars will be full on Friday or Saturday night until at least 1 AM, and clubbers will slowly make their way to the disco around 2 AM.

You may be offered cheaper cover if you show up earlier, but there will not be very many people there.

Clubs are in full swing around 3 or 4 AM, and many will stay open until 7 AM.

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Madrid clubs with no dress code

Personally I find it complicated to figure out what to pack for a trip when it involves a night at clubs with dress codes. To simplify things for you here is a barrio wise list of Madrid clubs with no dress code. These are all great clubs so you cannot go wrong.

Teatro Kapital
The Roof

Joy Madrid
Sala el Sol

El fabuloso

Danzoo Maxime

Ocho y Medio

Fuse Puerta America
69 Petalos

Moroder Sound Club

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